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Being a series that also promoted a band, it's safe to assume there were a lot of cool tracks to hum to.

  • The opening main theme. With that song, you're ready to get into whatever story the series will show. The visuals that accompany the song in the actual show opening are pretty neat, too.
  • The opening of season two, Tiempo. What a great way to start season 2, with a kickass song and a cool music video to boot.
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  • Dos Segundos, the pretty-much official Pablo/Marizza theme. It's dreamy and very romantic. It's even stated he based the song on her in-universe. The season 2 Pablo/Marizza theme, Será de Dios, is also very beautiful and soothing.
  • Immortal, Marcos' Leitmotif. Interesting to note that it's the only song dedicated to one specific character of the series outside of the four main kids.
  • A song that can still inspire everybody regardless of their differing thoughts, Resistiré. Pablo even wrote this song in-universe inspired by Marizza's brave, selfless personality.
  • Para Cosas Buenas, an interesting mix of hip-hop and classical music. The song was even used in the series to mark dramatic moments or serve as Sergio's leitmotif.
  • A rather upsetting but at the same time uplifting song, No Estes Seguro. While the melody is melancholic, the lyrics remind us to never give up and always try to risk your life for what you believe in, because otherwise the world will go on without you.

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