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Awesome Music / Ragnarok II: The Gate of the World

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  • The intro theme that plays at the login screen. So good, it was reused in Legend of the Second.
  • "Din Don Dan Dan." Strange name, badass fiddles.
  • "Yoru." This is actually the vocal half of a song, the other half being ...
  • "Sailing." (Also called "Kyou Kai".) This half is used in-game as a theme for ferries.
  • "Beginners." Just try and not imagine Novices dancing a jig to this song.
  • "Swamper." This is too soothing to be a theme for a swamp!
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  • "Prontera Field."
  • "Boss Battle."
  • "Hodo." This kind of song just makes you want to go on an adventure.
  • "Church." (Also called Kyoukai, but that means the same thing in Japanese.)


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