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Awesome Music / Rage of Bahamut: Genesis

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  • The opening, "EXiSTENCE" by SiM. When every other screencap from your show looks like it comes out of a power-metal cover, there's only one way to go with your OP, and it was taken with gusto, complete with suitably rebellious lyrics for the series's anarchic, Screw Destiny vibe.
  • The show's OST is quite unique and varied, ranging from epic orchestral music to Spanish-style flamenco. Due to the unlimited budget MAPPA was given, they hired a professional Cuban trumpeter as well as a full orchestra twice a month. In addition, Rage of Bahamut: Genesis's soundtrack is composed with a method that is far more expensive than usual: new music is recorded as each episode is being animated rather than the entire OST being prepared and ready prior to episode production. Amongst them are the title track, "Rage of Bahamut", as well as "A Friendly Chase" and "Chorus of Despair".
  • Virgin Soul's first opening, "Let It End", is a rock song with just as much hot blooded energy as the original, and while whether or not its second opening, "Walk This Way", fits the series is hotly debated, its quality as a song is less so. The two ending themes, "Haikei Goodbye Sayonara" and "Cinderella step" by DAOKO both tend to be adored as well.