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Games with their own page:

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    Phantasy Star II 
Every single track in Phantasy Star II is awesome, but here are some special mentions:

    Phantasy Star III 
Phantasy Star III picked up the gauntlet thrown down by its predecessor in the awesome music department.
  • The music for the penultimate dungeon, Lashute, is sheer, unadulterated horror, with its pounding two-note bassline and viciously sinister organ melody. And it's awesome.
  • "Maia's Abduction", which kicked off the entire adventure in the first place. Never let it be said that 16-bit sound hardware is incapable of conveying a character's bubbling, seething rage and hatred born of age-old wars.
  • Searren ~Type 386~, which plays when Wren transforms into the Global Airship or Aqua skimmer, is as energetic and adventurous as a tune that plays when you have the freedom to fly over the world or sail across the water should be.
  • The overworld theme starts out simple, but becomes more awesome with each new party member. First the melody is doubled, then accompanied by an ostinato figure, then a countermelody is added on top of that, and finally the track is completed with some percussion.

    Phantasy Star IV 
And there's more of the same in Phantasy Star IV:
  • The remixes of the Dungeon themes from the first game.
  • Of course, the game has its own original music, too: "Behind the Circut", Her Last Breath, A Terrible Sight, and more.
  • Laughter. Truly a shame that it was only used twice in the entire game - when you fight Zio and later the reincarnated Lashiec.
  • Requiem for Lutz was sad and haunting and conveyed the feeling of thousands of years of history and melancholy in the Espers' Mansion to a tee. It's also interestingly reminiscent of the Phantasy Star III main theme.
  • This piece, which tends to play as the theme of female party members who have a connection to the Algo system's past has a similar feel, invoking feelings of sadness for the lost history of a bygone age.
  • The Age of Fables, another track that was sadly only used twice, will give you goosebumps. Especially if you hear it in its in-game context - that of the truth being revealed, the final piece of the puzzle falling into place and completing the series' epic story at last.
  • Organic Beat deserves special mention, both for being objectively awesome, and also for how it is used in the story. This is the music that plays the first time you enter the fort of the game's first Big Bad, which is the moment in the game you realize you're up against something far older and more frightening than you at this point are prepared for. Pretty soon, shit gets real, and this is the music that lead up to it.
  • Likewise, the Black Blood which plays on your first encounter with Big Bad Zio.
  • And how about the music for the opening sequence: Made. Of. Pure. Win.
  • Also Cybernetic Carnival, Thray, and the Landeel's theme.
  • The King of Terrors is fast-paced and intense, perfectly conveying the panic and... well, terror of facing Dark Force.
  • Ooze, the theme played during the final form of the Profound Darkness, opens with a slow, oppressive march before transitioning into what can only be described as FM thrash metal. Awesome.

    Phantasy Star Online 
Phantasy Star Online Episodes I, II & IV

Phantasy Star Online has its share of epic music. Some examples of musical awesome include:

Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution

Though PSO Episode III wasn't as well received, it continues the series' trend with memorable tracks.