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This is the Awesome Music page for PC only games.

Note: Some of the music from the older games (Mostly DOS games before Windows 95) were composed with specific hardware in mind (Sierra games' music was made with Roland MT-32 in mind, for example) that are not possible to emulate on modern sound cards and DOSBox. Fortunately, as of summer 2011 the fans made considerable progress in emulating the Roland MT-32 hardware.


Alternatively, you can get around that by other means, one of which is to install soundfonts that faithfully replicate, or in some cases even surpass, the original music.

  • Skyroads has some excellent tunes that fit the subject well.
  • From an old Polish turn-based strategy game Clash we have battle theme, which tells you quite fast this is not a child's play, but an actual battlefield with all of its atrocities.
  • Dawn of War has some great themes for each of the factions, matching them quite well.
    • Notable ones are the apocalyptic (well, it definitely gives that feeling) Chaos theme, Asian orchestral Tau Empire theme and the Military March-style Imperial Guard theme.
    • Unless you enjoy bolter rounds to the face, you'd better include the Space Marines' theme.
    • An' if ya don' wanta be krumped, youze better inklood Da Orks theem!
    • Overall, Dawn of War's soundtrack is so good, that for the last few years, whenever Games Workshop (The creators of Warhammer 40,000) need music for promotional movies on their own website, they use this game's soundtrack.
    • The Winter Assault expansion had some nice title music.
    • The best thing on the Dawn of War soundtrack may be an obscure little track called "Chant" that consists of nothing more than a mournful Latin chorus.
    • Dawn of War II used a new composer and didn't give us any remixes of the classic themes, but instead gave us "Dark Future of War" and sweet theme music for the Orks and Tyranids.
    • Even better, the entire soundtrack of Dawn of War II is downloadable on their website for free here.
    • The Eldar theme here took the ethereal, ancient race of the eldar and added a completely badass chant to them that makes the listener instantly want to pull out a singing spear and start impaling Mon-keigh.
    • Doyle W Donahoo's soundtrack for Dawn of War II is full of Awesome Music. Just a few examples are ''Angels of Death'' for the Space Marines and ''The Green Horde Rises'' for the Orks. The Tyranid themes perfectly capture the sinister, alien nature of their race, and nothing says run for your life like ''The Great Devourer''. The Eldar music explores both sides of the race: ''Khaine's Wrath'' paints them as the tragic heroes fighting for the very survival of their species, while ''For The Craftworld'' reminds us that they still can and will kick your ass.
  • The relatively obscure planetary air-trading sim Hardwar had a soundtrack entirely composed of artists from the Warp Records label, ranging from awesome techno-industrial to even funky drum n' bass.
  • The Descent series had quite a few gems.
    • Let's start with the title theme, shall we?
    • Descent 2's soundtrack will make you feel dangerous. See Tracks 5-7.
    • Even the original FM MIDI soundtrack had its high points. It give the game a gritty, cybernetic feel.
    • Descent 3's soundtrack, although contested like the game itself, had several epic moments, such as the climax of Level 4, and Level 7(unfortunately not on the OST).
    • The Level 18, Level 11, Level 8, and Level 3 soundtracks from the original game. The last of which got a positively epic rock remix in the Macintosh port.
  • The Lord of the Rings Online has amassed a seriously impressive backlog of awesome music, with more undoubtedly to come.
    • The music at Tom Bombadil's house, which was also awesome because it's right in the middle of a really difficult and scary (at level 10 or so, anyway) forest.
    • Most of the songs that play in the Trollshaws are awesome (some play in Ered Luin as well). There's a clip of one of them in the first part of this trailer. And then Rivendell itself!
    • Most of the soundtrack in the Shire is really good, esepcially Hills of the Shire, which plays when trying to cross the Brandywine Bridge, leaving the Shire for Bree-land. It has a Dark Reprise called Warpipes, which is equally awesome and is heard when the Nazgûl comes to the Shire, as well as in the skirmish 'Trouble at Tuckborough,' during which goblins raid the Shire.
    • Mirkwood. Strangely, this music was in the official soundtrack before Mirkwood was added to the game. It is heard during the Ford of Bruinen skirmish. This is the perfect music for a Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • MDK's soundtrack. Facing the Inevitable is amazing, as is most of the game's music.
  • Bonesaw: The Game has some awesome tunes. Listen to the OST here.
  • Doujin shmup eXceed 3rd: Jade Penetrate brings to the table "Intersect Thunderbolt" and "The Fate of...", the themes of the final boss and her super form.
  • The original theme song to the Nancy Drew games was pretty awesome by itself, as it excellently captured the mystery, suspense, and overall mood of the games. For that reason, many fans were unhappy when it got cut from the opening halfway through the series. When the theme song finally did return a few games later, it came with an all-new level of awesomeness.
    • And the various scores to the games. And those are just a few examples. Kevin Manthei has a knack for capturing the mood in each game perfectly.
    • Special mention should go to the fact that the series has a game set in pretty much every location you can think of (Hawaii, Canada, Paris, Japan, New York...) and that its themes always manage to convey the place and the feel perfectly. That is what good background music is. Happily, there is at least one fansite devoted to recording the series' music and offering it for download.
  • Seiklus' soundtrack consists entirely of a bunch of previously-existing demoscene tunes. But the thing is, they're all good. What Clysm lacked in composition skills, he made up for in the ability to find incredibly catchy music. Particularly noteworthy are "Rainy Summerdays" and "Believe in Yourself (Extended Remix)".
  • Nuclear Winter's theme from Freedom Force.
  • Nexus: The Jupiter Incident. Period.
  • Diablo series:
    • The first game featured some ridiculously atmospheric tracks.
      • The hauntingly melancholy Tristram theme immediately establishes a mood of unease in a town facing destruction from an invasion from the forces of Hell itself.
      • Raise some hell. Sadly there is no studio version of this.
    • That's not to say Diablo II doesn't have its good tracks.
      • When you defeat Diablo, the introductory guitar riffs from Tristram's theme plays.
      • The Spider piece that's used for Act III's dungeons uses a remixed version of a portion of the theme that was used for the starting church levels of the original game. Nostalgia will hit like a ton of bricks.
      • The music in Act V, starting from the theme of Harrogath itself. The music really reminds you that 'this is it', you've defeated two Prime Evils, went To Hell and Back, and fought many difficult battles— and now this is the final struggle. Time to deal the decisive blow to the devils who have brought so many deaths and despair across the Sanctuary. You're not alone, the Barbarians of Harrogath are fighting alongside you. And if you're a Barbarian yourself, this is also a case of It's Personal: for the liberation of your homeland.
    • Diablo III has a whole OST full of awesome tracks, but the crowning one is "And The Heavens Shall Tremble", which plays during much of the action of Act IV.
  • The entire soundtrack of RosenkreuzStilette, except for most of the talk themes (but not Dark Purple Moon, which was instead wasted.)
    • Of particular note are the intro stage theme The Ground Which Can Shine, Luste's stage theme 26, Freudia's boss theme 22, which also plays when she saves Spiritia from Iris, the first Iris stage theme, Red Pollusion, the theme of the Garden of Time, Space, and Chaos, Winter Breath, and the final stage theme, ys008 ~The Final Duel~.
    • Its sequel Freudenstachel has been showing strong signs of this: Zorne's new stage theme Eruption Trigger and Sichte's new stage theme The Ancient Cry are much more awesome than their original stage themes. Sadly, Eruption Trigger can't be found on Youtube... yet.
  • Most of the Planescape: Torment soundtrack is made of awesome. A small taste is the Main Theme and Transcendent One. The latter is chillingly awesome in game, with its first appearance being right after the Nameless One has moved on after defeating Ravel Puzzlewell. The Transcendent One, aka the Nameless One's disembodied mortality (and final boss of the game) arrives and this theme starts up. He and Ravel proceed to have a truly epic battle against one another, which made the previous battle against the Nameless One himself seem like little more than a warm-up. Can be seen here. There's also a bit of Sigil Battle and the theme from Ravel's Maze to be heard there as well, which are cool in their own right.
  • Killing Floor soundtrack mostly consists of industrial/trash metal like music. And when you have something coming up against you that has a rocket launcher for an arm, all you could do is abandon all...
  • The music that plays when entering the Crash Site neighborhood of the Rikti War Zone in City of Heroes.
  • Tubular Worlds, a shmup for PC, Macintosh and Amiga, has an absolutely amazing intro theme.
  • Pathologic: You need not go any further then the Main Menu to already know that you're in for some mind-blowingly scary stuff.
  • Princess Waltz: The song "Battlefield of Steel" alone is worth the price of admission, and the rest of the soundtrack is pretty catchy too.
  • The four-disc soundtrack to Cho Ren Sha 68k, which includes the already-awesome in-game songs, such as the music to Stage 4, "Infinity", as well as fan- and self-remixed songs such as this remix of "Impossible One"
  • Medal of Honor: Allied Assault:
    • The music that plays in Allied Assault during the level where you hijack the King Tiger tank and go a merry rampage. Awesome.
    • The Nebelwerfer Hunt, originally from the Undercover in Crete mission in Medal of Honor: Underground.
    • Schmerzen, a reworked version of the Fort Schmerzen theme from the original game.
  • StepMania holds competitions for songs—composing, writing steps, doing background art. Some of them are at least as good as the tracks in the commercially-released games. For example, Vienna Core by JAKAZiD.
  • The IIDX-like game O2Jam has its share of musical awesomeness, such as:
    • V3 by Beautiful Day, a remix of Beethoven's "Pathetique" (the same song that the Pump It Up song "Beethoven Virus" remixes).
    • RoseHoliC by SHK, which is described as "digi-occult" music. No relation to the IIDX song "Holic" or anime series ×××HOLiC.


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