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Basiscape are known for their excellent music, but Opoona may have one of their richest and most wonderful soundtracks to date. It would almost be easier to list the songs that aren't awesome, but where's the fun in that?

  • "Tokione". One of the first songs you'll hear once the game truly begins. The fact that the game begins with a song worthy of a heartwarming credits sequence truly lets you know what you're in for. It's a song that really says, "Welcome to this world. Enjoy your stay."
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  • "Star Tower". One of the peppiest and happiest songs in the game, for the cheerful schoolhouse where you first begin the game. It also serves as a wonderful example of, and introduction to, the game's Signature Style: Acoustic intruments blended with techno beats.
  • "Outside Tokione". A cheerful yet peaceful tune full of happy synth, perfectly evocative of the feeling of light streaming through the trees. Everything a Green Hill Zone should sound like.
  • "Blue Desert Hotel". Familiar with the music term "grace note?" The clarinet here exemplifies them, not only in the technical sense, but in how sweet and graceful this piece is.
  • "Concert Hall". It's used in only one area of the game, and it's an out-of-the-way one you have to deliberately enter from the side to walk around in. It's evocative of a band warming up before a big show, but with a little bit of jazz.
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  • "Rosa". It's one of the first places in the game you'll hear one of the game's "main themes." The music alone is a Tear Jerker without the story that goes with it. And yet, there's something uplifting about the piano bridge.
  • Intelligent Sea Waterway. The beautiful harpsichord really sets the mood for a wonderful oceanic area.
  • The third battle theme, which plays during the "Virus" fights in Intelligent Sea (and by extension, the Bonus Dungeon, which is set in their server room.) It's pure techno and pure excellent.
  • "Creola". From the guitars to the strings to the flute, everything about this piece lets you know that you have found one of the safest and most welcoming places in the game.
  • "Ocean Bottom Pass". Under the Sea levels have a particular style of music typically associated with them—either slow, floaty waltzes, or calypso-influenced. This song ignores them completely in favor of being a soaring gothic hymn. Suddenly, the cute and sparkly underwater area becomes one of the most intense in the game.
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  • "Earth Prison". It's essentially a high-definition version of the Giygas battle music. And it is utterly terrifying.
  • "Rock Plains". Astoundingly beautiful, melancholy strings.
  • "Rock Castle". The tune hits you right from the get-go with in-your face bells and refuses to be ignored. It starts off in the cave, but then you get outside...
  • "Partizans". So many of the game's themes are peaceful and graceful, but this one is high-energy and wicked. It's epic, and it wants to pump you up for saving the world.
  • "Fonthene". It has earned a reputation for being one of, if not the, absolute best songs in the game, and it earns it. It starts off as a wonderful, warm tune with homey fake vinyl crackle, which is good enough. But then comes that guitar.
  • "Fairy Pass". It's a fully rendition of the game's "Spirit Poem" theme, and it is gorgeous. It stands out especially because most of the music in the game blends techno beats with real instruments. But this one is 100% acoustic, to reflect just how sacred and holy a song it's considered In-Universe.
  • "Holy Spring". One of the few pieces of music in the game to use Ominous Chanting of any kind. And it is lovely.
  • The fourth battle theme, used exclusively in The Very Definitely Final Dungeon. If the glitchy sounds overriding the main battle theme and sudden high crescendos didn't clue you in that you were in for some serious things ahead, the way it suddenly bottoms out in the last thirty seconds will. Especially because battles only last two minutes, and if you're down that far, you're in serious trouble.
  • "The End". This is it. The culmination of everything you've worked for. Everything you've been through. It's a powerful, triumphant crescendoing take on the main theme that really hammers home the point that you did it. You won.


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