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It's a little bit tempting to just link the whole OST, as Yasunori Nishiki hit the proverbial ball out of the park and toward the moon on this one. But even then, there are some standouts:

  • The Main Theme captures the spirit of wanderlust the game as a whole wants to evoke. Strains of it pop up in a number of other pieces, and it's heard a few times throughout the game.
  • Decisive Battle I and Decisive Battle II, the game's boss battle themes. The former has a very dramatic feel while the latter is fast-paced and energetic, both appropriate themes for epic battles. branflakes' arrangement of Decisive Battle II in some ways manages to sound even more powerful than the original version, despite being sequenced against the VRC6 audio chip for the NES/Famicom Disk System.
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  • Battle at Journey's End, the boss battle theme for the Final Bosses of each route. A dark and foreboding theme that captures the power and menace of your final adversaries, yet has a hint of triumph and determination that reflects the drive to prevail.
  • They Who Govern Reason, the boss battle theme for the four gods guarding the advanced hero classes. A perfect dramatic piece fitting of fighting the all-powerful gods themselves.
  • The One They Call the Witch and Daughter of the Dark God, the two themes for the True Final Boss, are both incredibly powerful themes befitting the boss in question, with them both making good use of a One-Woman Wail.
    • The heavy metal cover of "Daughter of the Dark God" by FamilyJules really cranks it up into a head-banging, heart-pumping theme.
    • GaMetal aka Johnny Atma shows up with his own amazing cover of "Daughter of the Dark God", with help of special guest Marie-Ève Ermel, who absolutely NAILS the soprano.
  • Stolen Dreams, Lost Light, the initial town theme for Wispermill, Riverford, Everhold, and Northreach. A very haunting and ominous song that perfectly conveys how dreary and unwelcoming each area is. Wispermill is inhabited by a cult that follows the disciple of a dark god, Riverford is ruled by a despot who executes anyone for minor or imaginary offenses, Everhold is a grand fortress repurposed into an amphitheatre by a sociopathic criminal mastermind, and Northreach is a Wretched Hive where crime is allowed to run rampant.
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  • Determination, the theme for the first part of Primrose's final boss, a pivotal moment in Alfyn's chapter 4, and when H'aanit departs S'warkii to search for her master Z'aanta, sounds melancholy and hopeful at the same time.
  • Sorrow is a funereal and very emotional piece of music for strings, with the added surprise of a low horn near the end. As the title suggests, this music is reserved for Tear Jerker moments such as The Reveal that the one who murdered Primrose's father is her childhood crush, Simeon, or when H'aanit finds her master turned to stone by Redeye.
  • The music in certain high-tension moments is arranged in such a way that regardless of when the player advances the scene, the cue for the transition to a new piece will still hit in such a way as to provide maximum impact. The effect is discussed here as it regards to boss battles, and how each character's boss intro has one repeating section followed by another section that plays cued by the start of the fight that leads into the boss battle theme. This is a big part of what elevates the experience of the music from "really good" to "unforgettable".
  • All of the main characters' Leitmotifs are not only extremely beautiful, they all fit their respective character to a T.
    • Ophilia's Theme has a gentle melody and heavy use of flute that translates into a gentle, beautiful, but extremely emotional song that fits Ophilia's kind and loving personality perfectly.
    • Cyrus' Theme is a lively and passionate string-laden song that fits Cyrus' gentlemanly but passionate personality.
    • Tressa's Theme, with its harmonica and woodwind instrumentation and its lightly jumping tempo, matches Tressa's wanderlust and curious personality.
    • Olberic's Theme is a heavy and extremely dramatic affair with brass and strings that echo Olberic's extremely stern but honorable demeanor and legendary skill.
    • Primrose's Theme is just like her: elegant and beautiful, with a hint of melancholy, but determined all the same.
    • Alfyn's Theme is easily the most calm and easygoing of the main characters' themes, which is perfect for such a down-to-earth and friendly man.
    • Therion's Theme is a slow and even unnerving song, with a dark element to it, fitting for possibly the most cynical and jaded of the party.
    • H'aanit's Theme is a piano piece that is as dignified and yet warm as H'aanit herself.