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Awesome Music / Nocturne (RPG Maker)

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  • "Temperance of Dawn & Despair" by ke-ji plays during the battle with Ristill and later the "Cross of the World" cameo boss, both of which are as frantic as the BGM itself.
  • "Awaken" by Kasuga Hoshino, which plays during the battle with Hypnosis. Word of God states that this was meant to capture Reviel's newfound heroic side.
  • "The Last Sacrifice" by ke-ji plays during Shylphiel's Villainous Valor moment.
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  • "The Final Cross" by Trial is the aptly named Final Boss theme, which fits with the boss's anti-villainous nature.
  • "Mein Kampf" by Kasuga, the normal battle theme, already starts out great with its mix of emotional violin, guitar, and fast-paced drum beat. Then you get to the accordion solo, and the song becomes twice as awesome.

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