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What do you get when a songwriter with a taste for the dramatic (and occasionally the nerdy) forms a heavy metal band featuring an incredibly talented opera-trained female vocalist, and then you back them up with a full orchestra? The awesome that is Nightwish.

Angels Fall First

  • What better track to start than Elvenpath, with its spoken intro and sudden drum and tempo pattern changes. Not to mention Tarja's powerful operistic singing in the chorus.
  • The original version of "Astral Romance". A memorable opening riff and that sudden change into Spoken Word in Music preceded by Tarja's One-Woman Wail... which she keeps doing during the speaking.
  • The beautiful acoustic "Angels Fall First", which is basically Tarja's voice over an acoustic guitar (the intended original version of the band itself)... right down until the scary Last Note Nightmare where dramatic keyboards are added onto the mix.



  • "Stargazers" launches into an excellent classic album with a glorious riff and just gets better.
  • "Sacrament of Wilderness". There's a reason it made the band famous in Europe that early on.
  • "Passion And The Opera", which closes with Tarja's One-Woman Wail.
  • "Moondance". A constantly changing instrumental which goes from midtempo to calm to frenetic to midtempo. It could have very well been the album's opener.
  • "The Riddler". A very catchy song with a nice opener in the form of a keyboard riff coupled with Tarja's operistic voice. You won't be able to get that song out of your head for months.
  • The album has the prototype in the dark "The Pharaoh Sails to Orion", which is a good minute longer than any other song on the album and features a lot of tempo/key changes, some of which are also accompanied by band roadie (and future Finntroll singer) Tapio Wilska's darker voices.
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  • The band's version of "Walking In The Air". A neat slow tempo song with several flute passages coupled with several choruses featuring Tarja's voice and the song's classic riff.
  • Originally just a bonus track, "Sleeping Sun", another slow tempo similar to "Walking..." though by no means less awesome.
  • "Nightquest", the B-Side of the Walking In The Air single and a bonus track on a few releases of the album. You can't make out a word of what Tarja's saying if you don't have the lyrics in front of you, (and it doesn't even leave space for Mondegreen) but it still has an awesome intro that you will do air guitar to.


Century Child:

  • "End of All Hope". Bonus epic points for the segue from "Bless the Child" to "End of All Hope".


  • "Planet Hell" was always a very powerful song. Specially this passage:
    The first rock / Thrown again! / Welcome to Hell little Saint! / Mother Gaia / In slaughter! / Welcome to paradise, soldier!
    My First cry / Neverending / All life is to fear for Life! You fool / You wanderer / You challenged the Gods and Lost!
  • "Creek Mary's Blood" as well.
  • "Romanticide". A nice heavy, fast-paced song with such an amazing guitar solo!
  • "Ghost Love Score" deserves a mention.

Dark Passion Play


  • "Storytime". Proof that Anette belongs in Nightwish.
  • The already awesome "Ghost River" and "Rest Calm" are taken to another level when the choirs arrive.
  • Even the '30s jazz song "Slow, Love, Slow". Yes, Nightwish does jazz — and it is awesome!
  • "Scaretale". Whoo mama. From the nightmarish nursery rhyme opening to Annette's witchy vocals on the terrifying verses... Excellence!
  • "Last Ride of the Day" and that sweet and catchy chorus:
    Once upon a midnight, we'll wake to the carnival of life
    This beauty of humanity, such an incredible time,
    It's hard to light a candle, easy to curse the dark instead
    This moment's here for eternity, last ride of the day!
  • "Song of Myself" begins with some intense, amazing Epic Rocking (the first four minutes or so of which are easily the most final-boss-y thing they've ever written), but it shifts gears halfway through and turns into a beautiful Tear Jerker of a poem, inspired by Walt Whitman.

Endless Forms Most Beautiful

  • "Shudder Before the Beautiful", the first track of the album and Floor's first really, properly heavy song with the band.
  • "Elán", Floor Jansen's debut track, is spectacular even for one of the band's slower-paced songs.
  • "The Greatest Show On Earth". The longest track the band has ever recorded and one big celebration of Earth and life itself. It's the band's most ambitious song ever, according to Tuomas, and his personal favorite, and it's easy to see why. It's not a single song but a suite of five separate movements, ranging from operatic to metal, with animal-sounds filled passages, bombastic choruses, an epic crescendo at the middle and Richard Dawkins narrating fragments about evolution twice.

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