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Awesome Music / Need for Speed

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While the Need for Speed franchise is known for its cop chases, car customization, and high-speed action, it's also the music that helps keep the wheels spinning.

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     First era: 1994's The Need for Speed to 2002's Hot Pursuit 2 

     Second era: 2003's Underground to 2008's Undercover 

     Third era: 2009's Shift to 2011's The Run 

     Fourth era: 2012's Most Wanted and 2013's Rivals 

     Fifth era: 2015's No Limits and the Need for Speed reboot to 2019's Heat 

     Artist Related Music 
  • Rom Di Prisco's work isn't confined to the series, he made quite a lot trance music for his own albums like Cryptidalia and didn't refrain from the occasional remix here and there. Some of his best songs include Subatomic Shifter (and its remix) and Delta Velorum (and its remix as well) but the best probably has to go to Graviphoton, its remix and another remix by Mellow Sonic.