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Awesome Music / Mr. Gimmick

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Mr. Gimmick was one of the few NES games with a special chip allowing for additional sound channels. Let's just say it used it to its advantage.

  • Happy Birthday/Stage 1 is incredibly happy and leaves a great first impression.
  • Paradigm/Stage 4 is a well-made composition, its beats are easily some of the catchiest.
  • Lion Heart/Stage 5 is as serious as you would expect out of a late-game level, and it has an impressive bassline and good rhythm.
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  • Innocent/Stage 6 Part 1 is cold sounding but relaxing, and fits the ice level perfectly.
  • Cadbury/Stage 6 Part 2 has a fantastic intro and a really nice beat, helping a (fake) final level.
  • Just Friends/Secret Area has a sound that makes you just feel great for finding a secret area, and it can really get stuck in the head.
  • Aporia/Boss 1 is fast-paced yet very nice to listen to, its only problem is being a bit wasted since early-game bosses will probably die before you can hear most of it.
  • Identity Believer/Boss 2 is a great fit for late-game bosses, being tense yet fast paced and generally fun to listen to.
  • Siesta/Bad Ending is very fitting for failing to beat the game with the good ending, with quite a depressing tune, hopefully motivating the player to try again.
  • Sophia (Take 2)/Stage 7 is calm and delightful, allowing you to enjoy the Breather Level to the fullest.
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  • Long Tomorrow/Final Boss Phase 2 is frantic and catchy, the best way to give the final battle an awesome feeling.
  • Good Night (Take 2)/Good Ending is very satisfying, especially for beating such a tough game.
  • Strange Memories of Death is probably the crowning jewel of the OST, being catchy, very complex and multi-layered. Too bad it went unused, but at least it's available in the Sound Test.


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