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DJs M & L comin' at ya with some choice tunes!
The Mario & Luigi series of games are well known for their incredible scores, and when your main composer is Yoko Shimomura, who already has quite the track record, it should come as no shock.

Superstar Saga

  • A New Adventure Begins is an upbeat tune that really gives the impression that the Mario Bros. are in for a fun adventure. The Bowser's Minions remix adds several more instruments, giving it much more beat.
  • Showdown with Cackletta. A grim finale song that really makes it feel like the entire world is at stake. Here's the Bowser's Minions remix. While not quite as intense, it instead makes the original song even more haunting, telling you that Cackletta has had more than enough of you.
  • Time to Settle This! may be short, but it definitely feels like you're fighting an evil presence that needs to be stamped out, otherwise doom awaits. The Bowser's Minions remix sounds even more urgent, enhancing the already present Uncanny Valley element. It does sound like a Bowser theme...but something is very, very wrong with it. And it fits absolutely beautifully with who you're fighting at this point.
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  • Don't Dwell on Danger (and the remixed version). One of the best tunes in any level, ever. The remixed version gives off a catchy vibe that wouldn't be out of place in the Wild West.
  • We Can't Lose!. Less serious than later boss themes in the series, but oh so catchy none the less. Here's the Bowser's Minions remix.
  • Decisive Battleground Such a moody yet atmospheric tune for the dangerous gauntlet that is the game's final dungeon. The remake's version adds some epic violin from Cackletta's theme.
  • The Marvelous Duo. A tune so upbeat it's almost impossible not to dance along with it. The fact it's used for Fawful as well as Popple (at least the non-English versions) is just the icing on the cake. The Bowser's Minions version is even used briefly in the cutscene where Captain Goomba's squadron starts their assault on Bowser's Castle.
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  • Let's Go! is the game's battle theme. While the entire series has well loved music, this theme is easily one of the most loved in the series, and damn, it's catchy! The Bowser's Minions remix takes the beat of the original and amps it Up to Eleven, making the battles sound much more fun.
  • Cackletta and Fawful and Cackletta, the Fiercest Foe, for that matter. The first is an ominous battle theme that makes you feel like you're fighting against a great evil, the latter a badass leitmotif which shows you Cackletta means business. The Bowser's Minion remix of the battle theme amplifies the awesome Up to Eleven, and it's even used for Fawful to show his intention to overthrow Cackletta. The normal theme remix, meanwhile, amps the Ominous Pipe Organ nature of her theme Up to Eleven, with its slower tempo letting it make better use of the new soundset's reverb than the faster battle mix.
  • Hold the Corny Jokes, Please!, the theme that plays in Joke's End. Unlike other locations in the Beanbean Kingdom, this music has an eerie and chilly vibe to it, fitting for a cold place where jokes go to die. It even sounds like you're losing your mind just listening to the song. The Bowser's Minions version manages to take the creepiness of the original song Up to Eleven, complete with the unsettling gong heard so often and clearly in the music.
  • Professor E. Gadd's theme, a funky remix of the Luigi's Mansion theme almost perfectly suited to a coffee shop setting.
  • Sweet Surfin' is an upbeat beach tune that feels like a nice sunny vacation, with perfect weather to go surfing some waves. The Bowser's Minions version manages to amplify the vibes of the original thanks to the improved sounds in the game.
  • Sea... Sea... Sea... is played in the Oho Ocean's seabed. The whole song sounds mysterious as the ocean itself, perfect for exploring it and discovering its many secrets. Meanwhile, the Bowser's Minions version manages to add some more instruments to the music, especially a deep choir, all combined to once again magnify the feeling of exploring the vast ocean seabed.
  • Everyone, Attack!, the boss theme in Minion Quest from the 3DS remake, is an amazingly tense boss theme which follows Never Let Up and Big Bang in starting off light hearted before getting all super serious.
  • Castle of Beans (and its Bowser's Minions remix). If only Princess Peach's castle theme had a harpsichord as its main instrument... Adding to the amazing is that the piece actually sounds like a Classical Music keyboard work in the vein of Bach or Mozart, and is only the first of quite a couple of pieces from the series that seem to take style from parts of the classical repertoire.

Partners in Time

  • "Another's Requiem", the final boss music of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time is fairly appropriate when you realize where you are, what you're fighting, and why you're fighting it. It's a bit somber as far as Mario tunes go, but it's epic all the same, and perfectly fits the do-or-die nature of the fight between the Mushroom Kingdom and the Shroobs.
  • The tutorial theme. A bouncy arrangement of the classic World 1-1 theme. Paper Jam and Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions would use an arrangement of this version of the song for their tutorial theme.
  • Shroob Castle. Also, there's Shroobs!, the original theme that "Shroob Castle" is an arrangement of. And as if both arrangements weren't suspenseful enough, the tension is ramped up in "Shroobs!", thanks to its intro.
  • The Koopaseum theme is rather catchy.
  • The Vim Factory theme is dark and atmospheric, like the area itself.
  • Star Hill has chromatic percussion backing a solo violin that rivals the Wing Cap theme from Super Mario 64.
  • The Toad Town theme, probably the darkest music (fitting of the area, also a contender) ever featured in a Mario game.
  • Thwomp Caverns, a catchy song with a heavy techno beat (with some piano thrown in for good measure) that fits exploring the inside of a volcano surprisingly well.

Bowser's Inside Story

In general, both the original and remade versions of each song in this game are equally awesome, but some songs deserve a special mention for standing out.

  • The Grand Finale is a final boss theme that manages to do the impossible: make Bowser heroic.
    • The GaMetal remix is even more intense and dramatic, somehow.
    • The long anticipated Bowser Jr.'s Journey version is a beautiful reinvigoration of the original, sounding even more melancholic and climactic, and hammering in the fact that the great Koopa King himself is the world's only hope.
  • Dark Regions is also pretty damn good, giving off a completely foreboding and ominous vibe, giving people a taste of what is yet to come that lurks inside of Fawful's Castle. The version inside of Bowser is equally ominous.
  • The Castle Depths, which plays in the final dungeon, has a wonderfully haunting piece of music led by a celesta and flute that sounds more like what you might expect in Slippy-Slidey Ice World. Considering what Fawful's Castle is, the song really fits the mood nonetheless. The version of this song played inside Bowser is also haunting and melancholic, except it magnifies the feeling of a Slippy-Slidey Ice World theme, due to being mostly heard in the Airway inside of Bowser. The remake's versions modify the orchestrations and bring out some interesting parts of the accompaniment that are present but much harder to discern in the original. Specifically, the flute in the main version is replaced with an oboe with zero detriment to the "icy world" feel; and partway in, a harmonizing harpsichord or 8-bit line (depending on the version) seems to bring in and break down Cackletta's theme from Superstar Saga for a few bars before briefly breaking out the fugal subject from Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor.
  • Yoko Shimomura's also got a real knack for leitmotifs. Fawful got a theme for Bowser's Inside Story titled "It's Fawful!", and it is gloriously catchy.
  • Calling All the Shots!, Bowser's theme, deserves a mention, particularly because it's carried over into both Dream Team AND Paper Jam.
  • The Giant is amazing. It really fits the mood of giants facing off against each other, and uses Bowser's Leitmotif very well.
  • A Journey to Remember is a nice little medley of the songs from throughout the game, including the main theme at the end. And of course there's Sweet Parting, the ending theme. You can't help but feel happy for Bowser.
  • Tough Guy Alert!, the main boss theme. Someone even made a remix of it as if it was being played in Pokémon Black and White. The 3DS remake version adds onto the fast-paced energy of the original with its flutes and xylophones, and the timpani are there to seal the deal.
  • Pump it Up, the minigame theme, is adrenaline-pumping and past-paced to keep people motivated to help activate Bowser's body nerves, or stay focused during Cholesteroad and Broque Madame challenges.
  • Bowser's Stolen Castle is a rather eerie tune to accompany what Fawful had turned Bowser's Castle into.
  • Beachside Dreaming was already good while outside Bowser, but the version inside of Bowser is...damn...
  • A Gentle Breeze at Cavi Cape is particularly noteworthy for using the Dorian mode. The end result is a piece with a very strong emotional neutrality; neither happy, nor dark, nor sad.
  • Waltz in the Lake is a soothing theme that plays whilst swimming underwater in Blubble Lake. The version played inside Bowser is rarely, if ever, heard in the entire game.
  • Forever in the Plains is a sunny, peaceful theme that fits a windy sunflower plain or a beautiful grassy lakeside very well.
  • Resting in Toad Town. It feels just as peaceful and relaxing as the town itself. The theme is even a musical nod of the famous Super Mario RPG "Beware the Forest's Mushrooms" song!
  • In the 3DS remake, the Dark Star and Dark Fawful each got their own battle themes, titled "Destroy the Dark Power!" and "A Fateful Clash!", respectively. The former's fast-paced, dramatic tone fits the urgent nature of the fight against an Eldritch Abomination such as itself perfectly, while the latter is a slowed-down, slightly elongated version of Fawful and Cackletta's shared boss battle music from Superstar Saga, complete with his old boss's Leitmotif despite her Forgotten Fallen Friend status.
  • The 3DS remake also gives us Mario, Luigi and Bowser Too!, which serves as the new title theme. Many people may think the original version is better, but this new track sounds like a battle theme for Kingdom Hearts III which is fitting since it's the same composer.
  • Bowser Jr.'s Journey gives us Bowser Jr's Glory!, a whimsical yet mischievous-sounding piece that fits Jr. perfectly.
  • Pushing Forward, everyone. It fits the mood perfectly and gets you ready to face off against whatever stands in your way. That, and it wouldn't be out of place in a Kingdom Hearts game.
  • Unlike with Minion Quest, Bowser Jr.'s Journey gets a Final Boss Theme (titled Charge and Clash!) and it carries on the Kingdom Hearts-esque quality of the 3DS final battle themes that came before. It carries the feeling of a decisive battle for the fate of the Koopa Kingdom and is a fitting conclusion to the Prince of Koopas' tale.

Dream Team

Paper Jam

  • Start of the Adventure is praised for its upbeat and catchy medley.
  • In the first few battles before Paper Mario appears, there's an awesome remix of Come On!, from Superstar Saga.
  • The normal battle theme, Mixed-Up Scramble, replaces "Come On!" once Paper Mario appears, and it's easily one of the best battle themes in the series, if not the best.
  • The minigame themes:
    • Do It Now! is an upbeat, adrenaline-filled piano song.
    • Time's Running Out! is a wonderful, fast-paced action theme for when you're either chasing or running from something.
    • Where's Toad? helps you slow down and think when you're searching for hidden Paper Toads.
    • Destination Unknown. Similar to "Where's Toad?", but both a little tenser and a little more laid back at the same time, which is fitting since this plays during the minigames that mostly require finesse.
  • While technically a remix of Partners in Time's song, Prepare Yourself! is often credited as a great remix!
  • The theme for the warm-up before the final boss battle, Double Bowsers!. It has a massive contrast with the rest of the soundtrack, feeling a lot like "Forze del Male", giving the vibe that the Bowsers aren't joking this time around.
  • The Final Boss theme (creatively titled Final Battle) is by far one of the most epic themes in the series, feeling like a hybrid of "The Grand Finale" and "Adventure's End", and easily rivaling them in terms of awesomeness. Not only that, but it also sounds very reminiscent of "Darkness of the Unknown" (particularly at the beginning and especially during the second half).
  • Mountaintop Secrets, a.k.a. the Mount Brrr theme, sounds really mystical and soothing.
  • Whispered Secrets. Quite a beautiful piece of music that plays when Princess Peach first meets her parallel Paper counterpart as well as when said characters are talking about hair styles and clothes while at Mount Brrr.
  • Don't You Know Who I Am?/Respect Your Elders is the Leitmotif of the Kameks and the Koopalings, which has a jazzy feel reminiscent of Fawful's theme from Bowser's Inside Story.
  • Big Bang, the regular boss theme, mixes perfectly both Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario tunes. Just like Dream Team's boss theme, it starts playful and full of joy, but becomes dark and tense, just like the game's plot.
  • Mysterious Bowser's Castle, which is played during the first visit to Bowser's Castle, sounds much more menacing than the usual Bowser's Castle theme, much like the Neo Bowser Castle themes in Dream Team. Of course, this is to show that Bowser is a much more menacing villain now, nailing the atmosphere perfectly. And while it's replaced with the track below for the second visit (as Neo Bowser Castle), this track is reused for the last Papercraft battle with Papercraft Bowser.
  • Floating Castle of Doom, the final dungeon theme, sounds nothing like a regular Bowser's Castle. Instead of sounding epic and triumphant, it sounds full of despair and agony, perfectly reflecting what will happen if the Bowsers manage to win.
  • Paper Parade!, the staff credit song, ain't half bad, either.
  • Good-Bye Sadness. For all the game's tear jerking moments, among them our heroes begging the formerly brainwashed Wiggler they just defeated to Please Wake Up, the flashbacks to the Bowser Jrs' budding friendship after their boss battle, and the first part of the Kameks' defeat scene.
  • Bowser's Coming! is this game's respective remix of Bowser's theme from Bowser's Inside Story. It has a chilling atmosphere (this time using marimba tremolos) that serves to demonstrate how menacing Bowser is.
  • Forest Fairy Melody is a beautiful and mysterious theme that fits the pretty but eerie Gloomy Woods to a T.

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