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    EarthBound Beginnings (Mother 1) 
  • The Mother games' signature song: "Pollyanna (I Believe In You)".
    • As far as the actual in-game versions go, they aren't too shabby; Mother, Earthbound, Mother1+2, and Mother 3.
    • Also the Smash Bros. version. Definitely one of the better remixes from Melee.
    • Here's an acoustic and flute cover with vocals. The singing is even better than the original, slowing down the tempo making for a rather soothing rendition.
    • And yet another cover, this one with an acoustic jazz flavor, also incorporating flute. Primarily taking Melee's version as inspiration, it keeps close to the tune while adding some variations of it's own.
  • The Mother 1 title theme, also called "Mother Earth" or "Time Passage", is a surprisingly tender, emotional track for the title theme of a NES game, and its beautiful combination of warmth and melancholy deftly sets the tone for the story to come.
  • Snowman, aka the Winters theme appeared in MOTHER, MOTHER 2/EarthBound, MOTHER 3, was remade for MOTHER 1+2, appeared in a remixed form on the MOTHER soundtrack (which was an incredible album considering it was more than just a BGM-rip) and of course has the obligatory Brawl remix which makes it even more haunting and beautiful.
  • The relaxing Magicant theme from the first Mother game. Then the fourth Smash Bros gave us this spellbindingly beautiful remix, the orchestration taking the catchiness to new heights. For the icing on the cake, the bridge contains a condensed violin cover of the Eight Melodies.
  • The factory theme used for Sweet's Little Factory and Duncan's Factory. Very, very eerie...
  • Paradise Line, like all music for forms of public transportation in the Mother series, sounds awesome and catchy and is the only public transportation theme in the series to receive an equally as awesome vocal track.
  • The haunting theme that plays at Mt. Itoi. The GBA port's inferior audio quality ironically makes it WAY better than the Famicom/NES originals!
  • The intense, fastpaced beats of Roving Tank fit perfectly for the adrenaline rush of driving a tank.

    EarthBound (Mother 2) 
  • Threed Free at Last is calm, cheerful, and upbeat, a sharp contrast to the bizarre and creepy theme that plays while the zombies are in charge.
  • "Home Sweet Home" is equal parts warm and saddening; it sounds exactly like the nostalgic sensation of coming back to visit your mom after a long time, which is exactly what the song is used for in the game.

    Mother 3 
  • Ode to Ancestors: 8th Movement works as a Moment of Awesome, since it puts several well-known pieces of classical music together. Family Matters: 2nd Movement also works for the same reason.
  • Porky's Porkies is a bizarre, yet supremely awesome, 8-bit track from the third installment.
    • While not complete, this guy's remix probably counts as well.
    • By the same token, that little song that plays when DCMC comes to the rescue. Surprisingly good, considering it's something most people probably won't hear all the way through.
  • One Word: Mother!? As if Chapter 6 of Mother 3 wasn't poignant enough, this song really drives it into absolute Tear Jerker territory.
  • Sunflowers and Illusions is especially tragic yet hauntingly beautiful.
  • Dry Guys and its faster remix Even Drier Guys. Its whimsical and slightly melancholy tone coupled with an accordion and an excellent piano solo captures the top quality standard for music in the game as well as the tone of the story.
  • A Letter to you, Honey and Letter from you, my sweet pull off the same effect.
  • Run, My Dog, Run! from Mother 3. It's basically the soundtrack to Boney's Moment of Awesome. Whether or not Boney is the most powerful character, that scene singlehandedly solidified his "Boney is awesome" status forever.
  • Whether cheery or heartrending, Theme of Love is simply a beautiful song.
    • Speaking of Theme of Love, there is also the vocal version of the song which is sweet and heartrending no matter what language it's being sung in.
    • Fan remixes of Theme of Love are no slouches either. There's this localized version of it in English, with lyrics translated by the person behind the fan translation of Mother 3, Tomato, so you can be sure this English version of the song is really as accurate as it can be in the language without sounding too awkward.
  • Intense Guys. It seems like okay boss music, until you realize that... "Whoa, that's not a boss I'm fighting. It's a freaking golden bat." Possibly the most epic non-boss tune in existence.
  • Volcano! Inferno! A slow yet exciting piece, perfect for exploring a volcano.
  • A Railway In Our Village? is sadly only played in the beginning of the future.
  • Piggy Guys is so awesome that it received an epic remix that contains another song which SHOULD have been in Brawl.
  • Though they were basically a spinoff of the Runaway Five from Earthbound, DCMC was an in-game rock/jazz band that took a few of the best Awesome Music candidates from the game and made them a million times more Awesome. For example, the "DCMC Theme," a remix of Duster's "Mind of a Thief" tune.
  • Fate and Serious from Mother 3. The way to combo these songs is pretty clever, too. Here's an awesome remix of these songs too!
  • Natural Killer Cyborg. An amazing rockin' theme that assures the player they are going up against a massive super-robot, and it's even got a bit of 'Beat It' mixed in for extra awesomeness.
  • At the end of Mother 3, the most beautiful songs from the trilogy are reprised, including (surprisingly) the Mother 1 main theme. What makes it go into absolute Tear Jerker territory, though, is the reprise of Pollyanna, played as you take the boat ride to Porky's room. What makes it so sad is that Porky has crossed the Moral Event Horizon so many, MANY times, in such horrible ways, that you know there's no way he can have a happy ending, and also that you're surrounded by mementos from Earthbound: turns out he really did like Ness as a friend after all, huh?
  • Both Dangerous Guys and Even More Dangerous Guys feature a fantastic saxophone line that you just can't help but smile when listening to either.
  • Bon Voyage Amigo. Only a game like Mother 3 can make what's supposed to be the joyous occasion of completing your party, a Tear Jerker moment.
  • It Is Finished/It's Over, a remix of the Love Theme played at the climax of Mother 3 where The Masked Man AKA Claus finally comes to his senses and says one last goodbye and apologizes to Lucas before killing himself. It's... very sad.
  • Monkey's Love Song. Being stuck with a total douchebag should not sound this catchy...
  • Strong One is quite possibly one of the best boss themes in a game with nothing but good boss themes. Enjoy comboing to the 15/8 meter.
  • The music used in the battle against Mecha-Drago. Very melancholic, very awesome.
  • Battle Against the Masked Man continues the series's trend of scary Final Boss themes. Massive terror in this song; it sounds like the soundtrack is dying. Absolutely nightmarish in reverse.
  • Wasteful Anthem has a flute portion worth listening to.
  • Even the songs that only a few people will ever hear are still amazing.
  • Gentle Rain, a very peaceful and soothing track. The Mother 3i remixed version combines this with a remix of Confusion, the music that plays when Flint finds out Hinawa has been killed in a not precisely tactful manner, perfectly conveying a sense of shock and loss.
  • The entire game kicks off with a little song called Fun Naming. It's a gentle, moving piece that helps welcome the player to the Mother 3 world. And after that, this song accompanies a sweeping view over the Nowhere Islands.
  • The Attic's A Dungeon!? is pretty easily overlooked, playing in only one pretty short area, but that doesn't stop it from being an awesome beat.
  • The Green Train's Fun Too! sums up the joy of riding a green-colored train.
  • The normal train music is really awesome, really making use of the electric guitar.
  • A Tiny, Enormous Miracle, one of the game's most heartwarming pieces of music. Especially at the 1:05 mark, when it changes to a beautiful reprise of "A Railway In Our Village?".
  • Memory of Life, the very last song of the entire franchise. A soft, heartwarming track that is all but saying "the happy ending is finally here, after all this time."
  • And Then There Were None is, simply put, Tear Jerker in musical form.
  • Monkey's Delivery Service, though not as sad as "And Then There Were None", is still damn hard to listen to without getting teary, as it embodies all the shit Fassad put Salsa through. Halfway in, a quiet synth joins the main flute/oboe melody, but one eighth note behind, and only on the left audio channel. Could this represent Salsa, forced to quietly and obediently follow his bombastic master?
  • After going through a long adventure, seeing the ending, the "The End?" screen and its secret, you're treated to a roll call of the characters you met in the game, set to this awesome medley, appropriately called Curtain Call. The way it starts, you can almost hear an entire audience roaring with applause in your head.
  • LOG-O-TYPE, a grand, majestic theme that plays when the Mother 3 logo appears in the intro of the game. To quote a Youtube commenter, "The first time you heard this, you knew you were in for one hell of a game".
  • "Accelerondo". It's used as the battle theme for the walking tombstone enemies, whose gimmick is that they walk towards you... slowly... until they very painfully strike. And the music sounds slow and lumbering at first, until it gets faster... and faster... and faster...
  • "And El Mariachi", used for battles against the cactus wolf. Sounds absolutely nothing like battle music. Is still awesome.
  • The song for the credits, 16 Melodies, combines all three main themes from each Mother game. It starts out with brief snippets of "Theme of Love", "Eight Melodies", and "Smiles and Tears", then plays the first full verses of "Eight Melodies" from Mother 1 and Earthbound'''s "Smiles and Tears", and finishes with the full version of "Theme of Love" which ends its last remaining verse very triumphantly. It's uplifting, tearjerking, and heartwarming all at once as it embodies the strong end to this trilogy of great games.
  • The Game Over theme, Stand Up Strong, is - like pretty much everything else in Mother 3 - beautifully tearjerking, in that it embodies the serenity of death: it's pretty much a funeral tune, played with an organ. It is, essentially, "you can now rest in peace" in musical form.
  • 'Something Strange is Going On', the song that plays during the Epilogue of Chapter 3 and after Leder tells the party his lengthy story of the Nowhere Islands, is absolutely phenomenally fitting for the times it plays. It gives the feeling that Lucas is growing into a true hero in the former scenario, and a feeling of having the fate of everything in your hands. One of the most underrated pieces in the soundtrack.
  • Life's an Inner Circle Gap is a slow-paced, laid-back remix of the Pig Army theme which is great to listen to.
  • Despite not being ((technically) the final boss, Porky gets a suitably awesome battle theme in Master Porky's Theme, in which Sakai brings together the Pigmask theme, "Monkey's Delivery Service", and "Smashing Song of Praise" into a piece of music as epic and blood-pumping as his battle theme from the previous game, yet with a tragic, almost-but-not-quite-hopeless feeling that really says "this is it". A fitting theme for possibly the series' most devious yet complex character.

    Fangames and hacks 


  • ODDITY looks as every bit as awesome as the official MOTHER titles, and it's no slouch in the music department either. A rather awesome example is Battle Against A Familiar Foe, which mashes together a hodgepodge of instantly recognizable Earthbound sound effects that combine to make for a funky, quirky tune.
  • Boom Town Lounge is an infectiously groovy jazz number that appears to be Leo's theme.
  • It doesn't stop there as Azure Studio even takes time to turn the level up Jingles into separate themes for each party member that, when played together, make the theme larger as the party levels up together.
  • The Green Run, a theme for an as yet unknown town or event. A Spiritual Successor to Onett's theme, it features the same instrument samples and arrangement style from EarthBound, with a subtly different melody and baseline that'll bring in the nostalgia faster than you can say fuzzy pickles.

Cognitive Dissonance

  • The very first song heard in the game, at the title screen, is Ghosts, a beautiful piano tune with a rather creepy otherworldly accompaniment.
  • Among the game's many battle themes is the incredibly funky and catchy Forgotten Warriors.
  • Once the protagonists have come together, they form a band and play "To the Future", an incredible remix of Guitar for Tentacles.
  • Towards the end of the game, the protagonists once again come together to play music. This time, it's "Speak", with vocals by Niiue of all people.
  • Towards the end of the game, the protagonists get to fight Giegue once more and this starts to play making it a kickass battle and fitting for the sudden appereance of two Niiues!!.
  • "Ghosts in Flight", the credits theme, combines elements of themes heard throughout the game and the main series for a memorable finish to the game. Once again, it's sung by Niiue.

The Halloween Hack

  • One of the best-known things to come out of the infamous Halloween Hack is Megalovania. Perhaps better-known is its Homestuck remix and the Undertale remix. It also got a fan-made remix in Cognitive Dissonance that plays During the battle against the G-Core in the Paradox Ending.

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