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If there's one thing LocoRoco proves, it's that if a song is catchy enough, it doesn't matter if the lyrics are complete gibberish.

Title and Character Themes
  • First off is the title screen theme, "LocoRoco Song" ("LocoRoco no Uta" in Japan), which has unique versions for each character: Yellow, Pink, Blue, Black, Red, and Green.
  • The sequel's title theme is even more upbeat, with tons of wacky cartoon sound effects added for good measure.
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  • Midnight Carnival's title theme is a Villain Song sung by the BuiBuis, and man, is it catchy.
  • Kulche's theme, "Bu Bu Poruche", is an upbeat surf rock-style song guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
  • Priffy's theme, "Consepontwa", is a light jazz piece befitting the flower-filled area you find her in.
  • Tupley's theme, "Tajya Natata", sounds like something out of a cheesy 80's musical, in the best way possible.
  • Budzi's theme, "Zappudo Geron", is a funky disco song that greatly diminishes the creepy nature of the area you find him in.
  • Pekeroné's theme, "Panguraratta", is a laid-back reggae tune with some really fast vocals.
  • Chavez's theme, "Bucho Mio", is a fast-paced Mediterranean rock song that almost sounds too intense for this game.
  • Viole's theme, "Arten Daffu", is an 80's punk rock song that firmly establishes her as the "tomboy" character of the group.
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  • The appropriately named Moja's Song, a Villain Song sung by Mojas, Bonmucho, some BuiBuis and Majoliné, is probably the most danceable force of destruction and corruption ever.

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