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  • The song that plays at the beginning of "The 12-Step Job" and during the poker game in "The Bottle Job", called "Can't Go Home Again." Many fans were sure it was a song by Dropkick Murphys or another Boston-area punk band, but it was actually written for Leverage by the show's composer, Joseph LoDuca, because the show's budget wouldn't allow licensing music.
  • In "The Two-Horse Job", when Eliot and his old flame get back together, the backing track is a song by Christian Kane's band called "More Than I Deserve". Why license when you have the actor working for you anyway?
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  • "Thinking of You", Eliot's song from "The Studio Job", which Christian Kane wrote and sang himself. He's actually a professional country music singer as well as an actor and that song can be found on his album The House Rules.
    Hardison: Nate, something's wrong. The system's not correcting his voice.
    Nate: That's because it doesn't need correcting.
  • Hardison’s violin solo in "The Scheherazade Job" is so beautiful that it stops the others dead in the middle of their job and makes Parker shed a Single Tear.
  • The theme tune itself. Come on, admit it, if your life had a soundtrack, there's no song you'd rather hit, hack, grift, thieve or mastermind to.
  • Hardison's mix in "The First Contact Job", which he plays as background "chase music" during a car scene as he adds lyrics "Two good ol' boys, behind the wheel! Chasin' down bad guys in Lucille..!"
    Eliot: I just got that song out of my head.
    Sophie: Well it's very catchy.


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