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Awesome Music / Jeremy Soule

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  • He did the music for zOMG!, which for a game in which you kill animated plungers with jewelry, has some really cool music. this theme is a particularly epic example, though there are many others, such as the "Village Green (Gnome Man's Land)" theme, and the "Barton Sewers/Undersea Cliffs" theme.) Keep in mind this is music playing while you beat up Lawn Gnomes and Sand Castles. Doesn't make it any less awesome though. This song in particular, which plays during the endboss battle with Labtech X and his Sealab X.
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  • Soule's also the main composer for The Elder Scrolls series, starting from Morrowind. And yes, his work in those games is awesome, too. The Skyrim theme would be the most triumphant example. Its creation started when Todd Howard told Soule that he imagined a viking choir singing the Elder Scrolls theme.


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