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Awesome Music / Ikaruga

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There's little polarization on the issue of Ikaruga having an awesome soundtrack.

  • Ideal and if you're good enough (or creditfeed), you'll get this lovely arrangement for your battle with the final boss.
  • The Default Boss Music, Butsutekkai is perhaps the most well-known song from the game for good reason: its fast-paced tone gives off an awesome thrill to the intense battle against the boss itself.
  • Stage 2 - Trial and its Boss Theme, Recapture. The former syncs perfectly well with the intro where the Player Characters battle above what appears to be a city before descending to one of Hourai's bases. The latter may not be as loved as Butsutekkai, but its distinct tone and pace makes the boss theme stand out.
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  • Faith, the tune to the game's third stage. The multiple "instruments" are layered over each other perfectly, and timed perfectly, to create a truly epic accompaniment to the game's jump from merely tricky to score well on to an ordeal for the mightiest of gamers.
  • Even the theme to That One Level of the game, Reality, is awesome. The slow-paced yet epic tone perfectly reflects Misago's massive size and firepower while our hero(es) fly around the floating fortress to fight it on different angles.


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