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  • The first game has Zeus' Wrath Divine, which plays a couple times during the game but is best known for being the epic, emotional track when Kratos is defending his family. The song is so good, it gets a remade version in God of War 3 entitled Brothers of Blood which plays during the fight against Zeus.
  • The III soundtrack also has its fair share of gems, including:
    • Poseidon's Wrath plays during Poseidon's boss battle, and any time a god dies and delivers a catastrophic apocalypse to the world.
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    • Rage of Sparta, a portent of doom for whatever unlucky Olympian happens to be at Kratos's mercy.
    • Ghost Zeus's theme is amazing in that it incorporates both the themes from God of War and God of War II as Kratos finishes off Fear!Zeus and then finishing him off with a beatdown almost unheard of in God of War up to that point.
  • Isle of Creation is downright beautiful. It starts off epic enough, even adding a snippet of what would soon become Zeus' boss theme in III. And then, two minutes in, it goes Up to Eleven, becoming absolutely amazing. It's a perfectly fitting song for a final confrontation against God himself.
  • "The End Begins" is a booming orchestral theme for Kratos's march on Olympus, complete with ominous Greek chanting that has a lot of relevance to the main themes of the the series.
    To Télos Archízei!
    To Télos Archízei!
    To Télos Archízei!
    To Télos Archízei Tóra!note 
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  • Battle in the Bog is genuinely evil, demonic, and downright frightening to hear. Imagining The Berserker slaughtering anyone who gets in his way like a psychopathic murderer while screaming like a rampaging beast! It also helps that its Ominous Greek Chanting matches the atmosphere of the song.
  • God of War: Blood and Metal, a heavy metal soundtrack EP/homage inspired by the series that was released as a digital download for III. Featuring six different bands from Roadrunner Records (seven counting the Ultimate Edition), it's a half hour of awesome, adrenaline-pumping heavy metal that perfectly fits the series' brutal nature. Special mentions include "My Obsession" by Killswitch Engage, which balances a crushing intensity with a surprisingly melodic side and lyrics that perfectly fit Kratos' tragic background, and the instrumental "Raw Dog" by Dream Theater, a heavy yet atmospheric track with a hard hitting mixture of keyboards, guitars and drums.
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  • The track accompanying the beginning of Sony's 2016 E3 press conference. With a full orchestra (conducted by composer Bear McCreary) and Ominous Latin Chanting, it sets the tone not just for the God of War (PS4) demo that it introduced, but for the entire press conference.
  • Lullaby of the Giants, with its choir of Ominous Nordic Chanting and use of bells, fits the Norse atmosphere of God of War (PS4) to a 'T'.
  • Minotaur Boss Battle is arguably the most aggressive boss music in the first game.
  • The Main Theme of God of War (PS4) embodies the whole mood of the game.