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Ghost Trick's OST is made of win, but we couldn't expect less from Masakazu Sugimori, the composer for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

  • Prologue ~ The Beginning of the Night is the song; the one that sets the dark mood of this strange night. The first fifteen seconds or so are cut out in "Intermission ~ The Deepening of the Night".
  • Main Theme. Considering who made this game, this could be considered Sissel's objection theme.
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  • The World of the Dead, the perfect song for recent souls to wake up.
  • Fate Updated just tells you to go save someone's life.
  • Fate Updated ~ Variation is the Genki Girl daughter of Fate Updated: you know shit's going down when you hear it.
  • Awakening, an upbeat song that plays usually after averting someone's fate. Most notably, Lynne's in the junkyard.
  • Lynne ~ A Targeted Redhead is so upbeat and catchy that one could listen to it for hours. Lovable theme song for a lovable character.
  • Chicken Kitchen, a comedic song for a less-than-serious restaurant.
  • The Imprisoned, the tune for the Special Prison.
  • Cabanela ~ A White Lovely Lanky Man. His song just invites you to dance along with him.
  • Providence, an extremely sad song that has a lot of depth. Really fitting for the Dark and Troubled Past of the characters.
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  • Trauma, typically played while the characters are undergoing some blubbering introspection about their pasts.
  • Deadline really lets you know something bad has happened. And there's usually a phone call involved.
  • Detective Jowd ~ A Captive of Fate, an awesome tune for an awesome character.
  • Chained Past, a profound, dark song that makes you feel how bad or serious what someone is about to tell you is. Brilliant for the flashback of Temsik and the Big Bad's exposition.
  • Dead Afterimage, AKA The Reveal song. It nails the shocking feeling given by the text and the characters' sprites.
  • The Last Desperate Struggle, the song for the Darkest Hour of our heroes. An unexpectedly intense theme playing in a decisive escape from the forces of nature. Shit gets real right now.
  • Informing about the Parting, a very heartwarming/heartbreaking song (depending on the situation) only played in the final chapter. The waiting pays off. Tears everywhere.
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  • Reincarnation, your well-deserved happy ending song. It really contrasts with the rest of the soundtrack.
  • Epilogue ~ The End of the Night, the closing song of this game. It takes the main theme and adds a prelude and an "afterlude" to wrap up this amazing game.

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