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EXA_PICO is a game series with a strong emphasis on music. The most notable part of its soundtrack, the Hymns, are sung in a constructed language named Hymmnos, made specifically for this series.

  • Virtually any song on the Hymnnos Concert Discs (which have all the Hymns and a few unused songs) qualifies as awesome music. From the first game:
  • The first battle theme music Fenrir pretty much kicks ass.
  • The second game has METHOD_REPLEKIA/. which accompanies a song-amplifying amplifier Kill Sat that overrides any battle BGM with its overwhelming presence whenever it is sung.
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  • The second game's ending, EXEC with METHOD_METAFALICA/.
  • The EXEC_FLIP hymns (EXEC_FLIP_FUSIONSPHERE/. and EXEC_FLIP_ARPHAGE/.) from both the heroines in the third game, even though their in-game effects equate to a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Ec Tisia, which is played during the True ending credits, combines the three games' openings in an awesome arrangement two thirds of the way into the song.
  • The fanmade album Hymmnos Chronicle has its share of awesome music as well, many of which could qualify as Super Prototype, chronology wise.


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