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Awesome Music / Dungeonmans

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Composed by Zircon, Dungeonmans has a fantastic soundtrack. OverClocked Remix also released a remix album, Dungeonmans Remanstered, in 2015.

Dungeonmans OST
  • Cimmerian Cavern is most likely the first song heard in the first dungeon the player visits. It has a tense atmosphere that reminds the player they could die from only a few bad moves.

Dungeonmans Remanstered

  • The lyrics of Track 13: Eye of the Beeholder perfectly match the humor of Dungeonmans proper. A song that asks some deep questions, such as "Why is it called 'Dungeonmans'?" and "What the hell is a scrobold?". What follows is an epic story told by the wise man, Bon Jovi.

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