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Dante sure knows what music gets the demon-slaying party going.

One reason the party's always so cuhrayzee in Devil May Cry is its selection of music.

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    Devil May Cry 1 

    Devil May Cry 2 
  • "Shoot The Works", the second of Dante's regular battle themes, keeps the hard rocking of the first game and turns it up several notches.
  • After completing both Dante and Lucia's campaigns, you're allowed to listen to "Heads Or Tails", a song rather similar to that of Seeds of Love from the original game: Starting off hard rocking but breaking down into something much more mystical.

    Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening 
  • "Devils Never Cry", the game's main theme, snippets of which play throughout the game. It has become a Bootstrapped Leitmotif for Dante outside of his series, but nobody is complaining. It's that iconic.
  • "Divinity Statue" uses the choral part of "Devils Never Cry" to set the tone for Dante's fateful clash against his brother.
  • "Dante's Office (7 Hells Battle)" is the perfect track to get you pumped for a hyperkinetic battle in the Devil May Cry office. Especially considering it's the opening stage, the game really starts off with a bang.
  • "Taste the Blood" and "Divine Hate", the game's battle themes are among the best of the whole franchise.
  • Cerberus's boss theme, "Suffer", sung with such a deep voice it's like Cerberus himself is singing the lyrics.
  • Vergil's boss themes create a tragic and adrenaline-filled atmosphere to fight your brother to. The second one has become so iconic that Vergil's every appearance outside of his home series has it as his Bootstrapped Leitmotif.
  • Lady's boss theme stands out among the rest of the soundtrack due to its more techno-driven sound, fitting as she's Dante's only human opponent on his journey.

    Devil May Cry 4 
  • The opening song, "Out of Darkness", fits in with the church setting that Kyrie's singing for, given that the Order of the Sword worships Sparda.
  • "The Idol of Space and Time", which plays at the Divinity Statues, is a calm, soothing track that provides the much needed respite from constant battles.
  • "The Time Has Come", Nero's battle theme, and by association, "Shall Never Surrender," the closing credits. "The Time has Come", being a battle theme, is very in tone with the music of the past games, whereas the second half, "Shall Never Surrender", is more soothing, almost displaying how Nero's come to terms with his demonic side, as has Kyrie, and his relationship with Dante being much closer than at the start of the game.
  • "Blackened Angel" and "Forza del Destino", Dante's boss themes. The first one helps establish Dante's status as The Dreaded, who only plays around with Nero because it amuses him. "Forza del Destino" plays during the second battle, where Dante stops pulling his punches and becomes the ultimate test of Nero's mettle before confronting Sanctus.
  • "Lock and Load (Blackened Angel mix)", Dante's battle theme. A remix of the battle theme from DMC 1, it adds lyrics from "Blackened Angel" to show that Dante has grown stronger and wiser during the time between two games while still retaining his laid-back outlook.
  • "Sworn Through Swords", the theme of Berial, would fit right in with the OST of the third game. But then, the vocals ARE by Shaun McPherson, vocalist of the tracks in said game.
  • The criminally underused "Baroque and Beats" plays when Nero first encounters the Order's Angelos. A haunting blend of organ music and techno gives off a sense of both sanctity and dread as the angelic warriors ruthlessly annihilate everything in their way.
  • "Swipe of Sword" is almost the successor to the original game's "Ultraviolet".
  • The Last Judgement (a Pachislot version of 4) has "Dream Out Loud", an absolutely rocking song with vocals provided by Yosh of Survive Said The Prophet, made exclusive to this version of the game that wouldn't sound out of place in an anime opening.
  • Another Pachislot adaptation of 4, simply titled CR Devil May Cry 4 or Out Of Limit, brings forth a new theme for Nero titled "Devil Bringer". Many had called it a very Power Rangers-esque theme that some feel better sums up Nero's personality than the already catchy "The Time Has Come" to the point where they wished this was the theme made for the base game.
  • CR also gives Vergil a new ballad in the form of "Devil Moon", a shonen-sounding theme that really exemplifies Vergil's motivations and brings additional context to his personality in 3, especially once the Visions of V manga is taken into account.

    Devil May Cry 5 
  • "Legacy", sung by Ali Edwards and composed by Kota Suzuki, is the main theme of Devil May Cry 5. There's a haunting quality that fits with the underlying grief and sadness that's been subtly present since 1, as well hinting the passing of the torch.
  • The theme that follows the official recap of the games and TAS features short remixes of one of each entry's tracks, going from "Devils Never Cry" to "Public Enemy", then "Dance With the Devil", before ending with a absolutely bonechilling rendition of "Shall Never Surrender".
  • "Devil Trigger" sung by Ali Edwards and composed by her husband Casey Edwards, Nero's battle theme, is an incredibly fast-paced and energetic theme that fits Nero like a robo-murder-arm. Main version not guttural and demonic enough for you? Then check out this heart-stopping metal cover by Little V Mills. As a bonus, try both versions mixed together.
    All of these voices inside of my head
    Blinding my sight in a curtain of red
    Frustration is getting bigger
    Bang bang bang
    Pull my Devil Trigger
  • "Subhuman", Dante's battle theme, composed by Cody Matthew Johnson and sung by Michael Barr of Volumes fame, is a headbang worthy track that feels like a Badass Boast for Dante in Metalcore form, evoking the music from DmC: Devil May Cry. Little V Mills provides an epic metal cover.
  • "Crimson Cloud", V's battle theme, sung by Rachel Fannan. Slow and ominous yet heavy and powerful at the same time, it perfectly manages to capture the mysteriousness of V and reinforces that he is not a man to be trifled with. And as always, Little V rounds out the trifecta with his own take on this theme.note 
  • "Bury the Light", Vergil's battle theme in Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, once again composed by Casey Edwards and with vocals from Victor Borba. It's a nearly 10 minute long industrial rock track that just radiates sheer badassery and power while also blending in not only Vergil's signature violin, but also incorporating elements of "Crimson Cloud" and "Devil Trigger", further establishing Vergil's connection with V, Dante, and Nero. It is a piece with lyrics that ooze three words: Vergil is back. If you need further proof of the song's utter badassery, just watch Alex Moukala's in-depth analysis. Or... there would be an in-depth analysis, if he didn't spend the entire time just geeking out. And of course Little V Mills returned to give his own metal cover of it.
    I am the storm that is approaching
    Provoking black clouds in isolation
    I am reclaimer of my name
    Born in flames
    I have been blessed
    My family crest is a demon of death!
    Forsaken, I am awakened
    A phoenix's ash in dark divine
    Descending misery
    Destiny chasing time!
  • The final battle between Vergil and Dante in Mission 20 of Vergil's campaign is set to a remixed version of "Bury the Light" that kicks off with an incredibly awesome a cappella of the final chorus.
    Bury the light deep within!
    Cast aside, there's no coming home!
    We're burning chaos in the wind!
    Drifting in the ocean all alone!
  • "Blazing Muscle", the theme that plays during the boss fight with Goliath. Imposing, evil, and most importantly, mighty.
  • "Lunatic Ray", the theme that plays during the fight with Artemis, is eerie, dissonant and yet somehow beautiful. It could pretty much be summed up as Light Is Not Good in music form.
  • "Splitting Fool", which plays during the battle with Nidhogg, is a hectic and fast paced techno-rock piece that perfectly emphasizes Nidhogg as the twisted, violent yet dumb parasite he is.
  • "Abyssal Time", which plays during the fight with the Elder Geryon Knight, is a heavy metal track that acts as a rocking Shout-Out to the Geryon of old.
  • "Voltaic Black Knight", which plays during the boss fight with Cavaliere Angelo, is a fast paced metal piece reminiscent of Kamelot that evokes the feeling of an electrifying duel to the death.
  • "Unwavering Bravery" uses "Legacy"'s main leitmotif and plays in Dante's second confrontation with Urizen, and is one of the most badass tracks in the game, signifying the player now has access to both the Devil Sword Dante and the Sin Devil Trigger, heralding that Dante has well and truly escaped his fathers shadow and is about to deliver a Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • "Undeniable Fate", the theme that plays during Dante's final battle with Urizen, also using the leitmotif of "Legacy", and has a sense of inevitability perfectly matching its title. Adding to the tone is that Dante and Urizen treat this fight exactly as what it is: the Sons of Sparda clashing in battle once again. Dante even dispenses with the pretenses and calls him Vergil the entire fight.
  • "The Duel" serves a successor to the "Vergil Battle" series of tracks from DMC 3, with a fast tempo techno beat and a heavy metal guitar riff seemingly mirroring each of the two combatants smashing against each other.
  • "Silver Bullet", an Orchestra Hit Techno Battle version of "Devil Trigger", increases the catchiness.
    Bang Bang Bang (Bang Bang Bang)
    Bang Bang Bang (Bang Bang Bang)
    Bang Bang Bang (Bang Bang Bang)
    Bang Bang Bang (Bang Bang Bang)
    Bang Bang Bang... Pull my Devil Trigger!
  • "Any Special Orders?", aka the "shop theme". While most of the songs on this list are battle themes, and as such are high energy tracks, full of bombast, this theme is a slow, relaxing jazzy piece, meant to help the player calm down before going back out into the fray.
  • Despite Nico taking on the role of the shopkeeper, Divinity Statues still feature prominently in the game, and with them comes a new soothing tune, "Divinity Statue".
  • "MAD QUALIA" by Hyde (of L'arc-en-Ciel fame). The fast-paced Oshare Kei J-Rock theme tune will definitely get your blood pumping. It has two versions: one in Japanese and the other in English.
  • Several themes in the game are remixes of battle themes from the original Devil May Cry, and are just as awesome as the originals.

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