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To relieve stress off the player as they transverse through the monster filled dungeons, Darkest Dungeon provides a sorrowful soundtrack with the right hint of flair, majesty, and desperation to help push on despite the losses along the way.

  • As you're starting up the game, the main theme will hit you hard in the feels even before your heroes start dropping like flies.
  • Continuing this is The Hamlet theme, a mournful work that makes the player reflect on what the town once was, or coming back after a Total Party Kill.
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  • Combat in the Ruins provides epic orchestra that will simply make you feel badass as you rip through hordes of animated skeletons.
  • Right behind it is The Cove Battle, a melancholic and quietly intense approach for the lair of the Fish Men. Special mention goes to the Siren variant, with the additional use of One-Woman Wail whenever she uses her Song of Desire move.
  • Battle in the Warrens and its variant Return to the Warrens are the most industrial tracks out of the soundtrack, as the war drums and the squealing from the swinefolk ring in your ears.
  • Mournweald Encounter is perhaps the least noteworthy of the dungeon themes, but it provides the right claustrophobic atmosphere that something is encircling you, fitting for a stage composed of wolves and mushroom-infested monsters.
  • The Final Combat, a theme very fitting to The Very Definitely Final Dungeon Eldritch Location that is the Darkest Dungeon itself.
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  • Town in Chaos is the theme for the battle against the Brigand Vvulf, and it more than makes up for being the battle theme against one of the most challenging fights in the game, sounding as desperate and anger-filled as the fight against him should be.
  • A Brief Respite plays as the heroes exchange words and help one another around the campfire before continuing, knowing that it may be their last.
  • Terror and Madness, the original trailer's music, combines both the bombastic and the melancholic feel of the other tracks that it just about sums the whole game up in one song.
  • Bloodletting of the Crimson Court is the theme added for the Crimson Court dungeon, a creeping track similar to "Town in Chaos", with violins sounding like mosquitos ringing in your ears, overall sounding like an unstoppable apocalypse rampaging across the countryside.
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  • All Things Must Come is a song from The Color of Madness DLC. Compared to other tracks, this song feels significantly more alien, emphasizing the foreign element of the comet.
  • The Color of Madness DLC also brings us The Senescence, which perfectly captures the Farmstead's alien nature with its liberal use of synths. It also does a great job conveying how harrowing battling enemies in endless mode can be.
  • "The Sound of Darkness" is a Filk Song based on "The Sound of Silence" and is a lighthearted but accurate take on the entire Darkest Dungeon experience. Even one of the Red Hook staff liked the song.
  • With the Butcher's Circus DLC comes two new tracks to fit the mood of merry-making, while keeping the sinister tone of the overall game; the Lobby music accompanies players to give them a sense of calm before the storm, and the Combat music swells with the intensity that many shall expect from the bloodbaths in The Ring. note 
    Ancestor: The campaign can wait! For now, carnage calls.

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