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This one's for the fighters, this one's for the soldiers
This one's for the warriors...Freedom!
ZUNTATA, Taito's in-house music group, did a fantastic job with the Darius soundtracks. Hisayoshi "OGR" Ogura provided many of the early games' soundtracks.

Note: Most links will point to official short (<1-minute) samples of the tracks from ZUNTATA's official YouTube channel, as Taito has a habit of cracking down on full uploads of tracks from their games, especially their most recent ones. If you see a full-version link, enjoy it while you can, and replace with a sample version when it goes dead.

  • "Captain Neo", the cave theme and Zone A theme, is equal parts eerie and blood-pumping. It's actually an arrangement of the attract theme from Metal Soldier Isaac II, a previous Taito game.

Darius II

Darius Gaiden

  • "FAKE", first played against Folding Fan (Zone D) and Electric Fan. It captures both their ferocity and yet their strange air of grace/beauty.
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  • "Reflection", also from Darius Gaiden, which plays in the opening as well as the battle against Titanic Lance.
  • "S E L F", the theme for most Final Bosses, is a musical Tear Jerker, being a somber piece in contrast with the intense action of many of these battles.


G-Darius is perhaps best-known for its use of sampled opera and other vocal samples, resulting in a dramatic departure from past games' soundtracks.


For the Dariusburst games, OGR only composed one new original track; for the most part, the torch was passed to Shohei Tsuchiya and Hirokazu "Cosio" Koshio. As a result, the "burst" games have a very different atmosphere from past games, but the soundtracks nonetheless have their fans.

  • "Hinder Four", a frantic theme used for Mirage Castle and, in later games, some of the more difficult bosses.
  • "The World of Spirit", used for two of the Final Bosses, starts off somber and mellow, before building up to a chorus as you reach the boss that continues until the boss is defeated.
  • "Hello 31337", the sole original contribution of OGR to Dariusburst and the theme for Great Thing and its sibling G.T.V. Well-suited for a player taking on a great challenge, it features an Evil Laugh throughout the song.

Dariusburst Another Chronicle (including EX)

Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours



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