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  • Crazy Shuffle has turned into the game's de facto theme song. It's a house song from Yooh, of all people. Despite how off-genre it is from their usual fare, they've absolutely nailed the sound, switching between ethereal vocal chopping and club-ready chords at a moment's notice.
  • Midnight Amaretto continues the trend of being a completely different genre than its producer's body of work, being a swing track from Camellia; it also continues the trend of being wonderful.note  Camellia provides his own vocals, almost whispering instead of singing, giving the song an eerie (yet still energetic) air around itself.
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  • Undercover, despite being released on Halloween, isn't really a scary song. What is scary, however, is that it sounds like an American pop chart-topper despite being by Hommarju, a Japanese artist. It bases itself around an infectiously catchy vocal hook and a triplet bassline that's hard to ignore.
  • SHINOBI by Relect starts as an EDM song with a Japanese Folk-style melody. And then it gets other ideas, switching quickly over to Bass House in-and-out like the two genres are taking turns.
  • Dual Bladez by おもしろ三国志 (Omoshiro Sangokushi) is... well, it's Rawstyle. No frills, nothing added, an exemplar of its genre. And it goes hard. Be careful not to break the pad.
  • Kill The Beat by lapixnote  is a blend of Hip-Hop, Funk and Hi-Tech that lapix likes to call Funktion. Quite frankly, that's not a real genre, but it goes so hard that you can't really complain.

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