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  • Crazy Shuffle has turned into the game's de facto theme song. It's a house song from Yooh, of all people. Despite how off-genre it is from their usual fare, they've absolutely nailed the sound, switching between ethereal vocal chopping and club-ready chords at a moment's notice.
  • Midnight Amaretto continues the trend of being a completely different genre than its producer's body of work, being a swing track from Camellia; it also continues the trend of being wonderful.note  Camellia provides his own vocals, almost whispering instead of singing, giving the song an eerie (yet still energetic) air around itself.
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  • Undercover, despite being released on Halloween, isn't really a scary song. What is scary, however, is that it sounds like an American pop chart-topper despite being by Hommarju, a Japanese artist. It bases itself around an infectiously catchy vocal hook and a triplet bassline that's hard to ignore.
  • SHINOBI by Relect starts as a Big Room EDM song with a Japanese Folk-style melody. And then it gets other ideas, switching quickly over to Bassline in-and-out like the two genres are taking turns.
  • Dual Bladez by おもしろ三国志note  is... well, it's Rawstyle. No frills, nothing added, an exemplar of its genre. And it goes hard. Be careful not to break the pad.
  • Kill The Beat by lapixnote  is a blend of Hip-Hop, Funk and Hi-Tech that lapix likes to call Funktion. Quite frankly, that's not a real genre, but it goes so hard that you can't really complain.
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  • S7AGE by Zekk is a pain to unlock. Get 2500 points, equivalent to 13 credits if you play near-perfectly, play 7 of the Lesson songs (which you probably don't have any need for if you're this far in), and get 777 Perfects, all in addition to unlocking 2 previous songs. Fortunately, you are rewarded for your efforts with the biggest banger in DRS history. Overdriven basslines back up addictive Garage rhythms and iconic House samples, all culminating with a drop so wonderfully distorted that it sounds like it's trying to break out of the speakers and onto the floor.
  • A good bit of the artists commissioned for Dancerush are Hardcore producers that usually end up having to produce more mid-tempo, House-like music to better fit DRS's theming and gameplay. Moe Shop, on the other hand, primarily produces house music, so they don't have to switch genres at all!... But that would be boring, so instead they made melody H4CKER, a fast-paced Future Jersey Club track that plays with a bit of Acid Hardcore at the breakdown. It's an anomaly compared to the rest of their works (which seems to be a running theme here), but a fantastic anomaly nonetheless.