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From DJMAX Online

  • "Ray of Illuminati" by ESTi, a song with a powerful guitar solo near the end. Unfortunately, when the song was brought to DJMAX Technika 2, it had to be cut to be arcade-friendly, and that included snipping out parts of said solo. Fortunately Taito didn't make the same mistake, and kept the full-length track as-is when it was crossed over to Groove Coaster.
  • Say My Love, which sadly has yet to appear in a DJMAX game later than Online.

From the DJMAX Portable series


From the DJMAX Technika series

  • It seems like Technika boss songs are required to be awesome:
    • "Son of Sun", by rhythm game veteran Shinji Hosoe, AKA Sampling Masters MEGA.
    • "D2" by First Aid is a fast and furious arrangement of Camille Saint-Saëns' "Danse Macabre".
    • Thor and its extended version.
  • "Xlasher", also by Hosoe. Say what you will about the Narmy Engrish, this song is "REAL FACT, REAL ADVANTAGE!"
  • Technika 3 brings us Supernova by long-time rave composer Cranky, doing what he's been doing since the late 90s - high energy rave tracks.

From DJMAX Respect

  • "Nevermind" by Paul Bazooka, an epic trance piece introduced in the Trilogy DLC pack. Even the developers are attached to the song - it's been used repeatedly in Respect promotional videos after its release.
  • From the Guilty Gear series:
  • From Girls' Frontline:
    • "Frontline" (Korean version), the theme for the game's (proposed) anime. Despite being shortened in length for DJMAX, it still manages to fit in the beautiful piano intro and transitions into a rock piece for the rest of the track.
    • "What am I fighting for?", the ending theme of the Singularity chapter. Between the driving bassline, melodic synths and Akino's vocals, this fan favorite track makes for a great addition to DJMAX Respect's library of drum and bass tracks.
    • "Barbarous Funera", Gaia's boss battle theme. Take one of NieN's darker-sounding metal tracks (like "Rock Or Die"), add some piano and violin flair, and you get this track.
  • From Groove Coaster:
    • "ouroboros ~twin stroke of the end~" is an absolute roller coaster ride of rave synths, piano, and thumping bass, combining the best of Cranky's rave and Masaki Mori's Shmup OST styles.
    • "Warrior" brings some of Cranky's trademark 90's style rave to the table. It also has some influences from his most well-known single, "Conflict" (see the spinoff section), opening with a slow buildup of synths and some storytelling about a warrior who must bravely face his worst nightmares.
  • From Deemo, "Magnolia", the Final Boss song of the game's first chapter. Composed by long-time DJMAX artist M2U, this particular song fits right at home with the game's other piano trance songs, like Colours of Sorrow and Heart of Witch. The song's melancholy vocals are also sure to strike a chord with players, even for those who aren't privy to Deemo's storyline. It's really no wonder that it landed its own spot in its own Awesome Music page.

From the spinoff games

  • From multiple games, Conflict, an unexpected mashup between indie-slash-BMS artists siromaru and Cranky, known for their schranz and rave/classical music, respectively (with Cranky's wife Pico providing Ominous Conlang Chanting as vocals). If this song taking first place in its debut beatmania fan contest isn't enough, Neowiz felt the need to put the song in both Superbeat XONiC and Tap Sonic Top!
  • Tap Sonic series:
    • Devil's Whispering by Kaneko Chiharu, a fast-paced classical piece with speedcore elements that wouldn't sound too out of place as a boss theme in a role playing game. In fact, many fans in the comments section feel it should be a boss song in Respect as DLC.
    • Weather Auction by Harunaba, a jazz rock song that's not only fun to listen to, but also a blast to play in-game because of its unusual note placement.