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  • First off, we have the very first level, "La Roca", which is by far the most known theme from the game and gives a player an extremely adventurous, albeit slightly creepy, feel.
  • Then, we have "The Battlements", the second level and its grim, heavy atmosphere.
  • Thirdly, "The Footpath".
  • "The Dark Woods". Really captures the feel that you are lost in a giant, dark and dangerous forest.
  • "The Township". Quite a peaceful theme, compared to the former one.
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  • "El Puerto Del Lobo".
  • "The Docks", which also "La Roca"'s slower, "sneakier" remix.
  • "The Shipyards". Does a wonderful job of portraying the atmosphere of sneaking through the night, looking for Red Tail's ship.
  • "Pirate's Cove", which, quite unsurprisingly, gives us piratical feel.
  • "The Cliffs", providing us with a calm, yet adventurous feeling.
  • "The Caverns" with its amazing build-up. Portrays finding yourself in someplace completely unknown quite nicely.
  • "The Undersea Caves". Not as mysterious and magical as the former, but, again, gives an incredible adventurous feeling.
  • "Tigers' Island", arguably the most adventurous theme out here.

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