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Awesome Music / Childish Gambino

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  • "Be Alone", the opening track and the first glimpse of Bino's twisted-by-fame world.
  • "Lights Turned On", which is essentially the clubbiest and most upbeat song on the list, and rightfully so.
  • Bino's first big break, "Freaks and Geeks". A hyped-up beat supplemented with "OHHH YEEEAAAAHHH"'s sounding in the background and some of Bino's most clever bars. "Took the G out your waffle / all you got left is yo ego", anyone?

  • "Fire Fly", a 3.5 minute-long explanation of how awesome fame is...
  • ...coupled up with "All the Shine", a 6 minute-long explanation of how fame has its catches and curveballs. The outro, which merely has the song's instrumental stripped down of everything but the violins, is especially beautiful.
  • "Letter Home", a little "interlude" with Bino singing over the violins, is even more beautiful.
    You're all I ever wanted...
  • "Bonfire", the Boastful Rap's Boastful Rap.
  • "Backpackers", a song that has Bino poking fun at hipsters against one of the most abrasive beats in his discography.
  • "LES", another hipster-oriented song with a works-better-than-it-should Epic Riff consisting of, once more, violin.
  • Try listening to "Kids" without smiling. It's one of the lighter songs on the album, with everything from the xylophone riff to Bino's gentle, soothing voice in the chorus.
  • "That Power", which is emotionally one of the most grandiose yet minimalistic finales to a rap album, with Bino giving a speech that puts him into the shoes of his teenage self, talking to a girl that he fell in love with at summer camp.

    Because the Internet 

    STN MTN / Kauai 
  • "Pop Thieves", one of the most sensual R&B songs of the 2010s, even with an outro consisting of Bino and Jaden Smith talking while beach ambience and tribal drum patterns reverberate in the background.
  • "Sober", in all of its Epic Riff-y glory.

    Awaken, My Love! 
  • Redbone makes you believe Gambino was possessed by Bootsy Collins and Prince for 5 minutes (in a good way). Also, that's him on the vocals. He's not putting his voice through a machine there.

    Non-Album Singles 
  • "Yaphet Kotto", a promo single for BTI in which Bino shoots down his haters, the media, and himself.


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