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When your lyrics and music are composed by Jake Kaufman, you're bound to have a few winners.

  • Their single, "I'm The Boss", is a strong "I Am" Song, that gets right to the point; they're the boss.
  • "Angel", that starts out as a good Ear Worm club song, then during the chorus, it suddenly becomes a dubstep version of "One-Winged Angel"! Near the end, there's some "J.E.N.O.V.A." mixed in, as well.
  • "Capture You", a very smooth Anti-Love Song, about Ganondorf wanting to bang Link.
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  • "The Raid", a great dance track lead by Bowser.
  • "Bears and Birds", preformed by Grant freakin' Kirkhope. It's a huge Shout-Out to almost every song he's composed, and the chorus is a Badass Boast to rival the ones found in "I'm The Boss"! Even cooler? They released a safe for work version, too!
  • "Minions" is a surprisingly Heartwarming/Tear Jerker song about how the villains don't want their minions to die, but in order to take over the world, they feel it's their only choice. A minion, played by Dale North, says that he knows he's going to die, but he does it for his boss.
  • "Another Villiain" (sic). Remember when they said they had cameos from other singers? Well, they're all in this one song! An upbeat Broadway-esque number, with a nice dose of Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!.

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