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  • Even though the boys later distanced themselves, Licensed to Ill is still one of the biggest party records of The '80s. It's all Hip-Hop with heavy metal riffs, drinking, partying and getting laid.
    • "Fight For Your Right (To Party)," of course we have to mention that track. It's a three-chord Rap Rock monster satirizing dopey bro mentalities, and it won over the very people they were taking shots at. And speaking of Rap Rock, there's also "No Sleep Till Brooklyn."
    • "Paul Revere," made up of a backmasked drum machine and some of the most iconic rhymes in their catalog.
  • Paul's Boutique is probably the most frequently lauded Beasties album; a dense, sample-heavy masterpiece of multiple genres all finding a comfortable axis through Hip-Hop.
  • Check Your Head saw the Beasties pick up their instruments again, and what came out was a sick fusion of hip hop, funk, jazz, punk and whatever else they conjured up on a whim.
    • "So What'Cha Want" hits so damn hard it's like being bludgeoned.
    • This is the first album where the group started putting out their famed instrumentals. "Something's Got To Give" and "Groove Holmes" in particular are highlights - a couple of cool jazz/soul/funk fusions that help give the album extra flavor.
  • Ill Communication is obviously a follow-up to Check Your Head but in some ways it equals that album:
    • "Sabotage" is an awesome song and an awesome video.
    • "Root Down" melds samples from jazz legend Jimmy Smith with liquidic Beasties rhymes. It's like peanut butter and jelly.
    • "Sure Shot" has the group rapping to a flute.
  • Hello Nasty. Yet another shake-up in the Beasties' constant Genre Roulette.
    • "Intergalactic", a retro-futuristic old school track.
    • "Super Disco Breakin'" is just straight-up fire, setting an absolutely frenetic tone for the record.
    • "The Negotiation Limerick File" is great but the clincher is that the lyrics are all in the form of actual limericks.


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