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Awesome Music / Armored Core

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A great majority of this Door Stopper level of awesome music can be attributed to Kota Hoshino, composer at FromSoftware and head of its music team, "FreQuency".

  • Armored Core 1 (Project Phantasma, Master of Arena):
    • "Ambiguity" from Armored Core 1 is downright beautiful. It perfectly captures the tragic nature of every Armored Core world, and the sometimes terrible things that the player does to get ahead in those worlds.
    • "9", from Master of Arena, shows up at the end of the game, wherein you'll be facing Nineball, in his Nineball Seraph, for one last time. The only lyric is simple yet powerful enough to provide your only goal.
      Destroy Nineball.
      • Nine-Ball's remix theme from Another Century's Episode R, "Nine -novem-", in which you not only face him in a different mech this time around, but also have a PLAYABLE version for one mission later on.
      • 9 (King of No.9 edition) is unique as you'll hear the lyrics earlier than expected, on top of hearing distortions before the familiar tune comes up.
  • From Armored Core 2, "King Lear". Plays during Leos Klein's Motive Rant, and sets the stage beautifully.
  • Armored Core 3 (Silent Line, Nexus, Nine Breaker, Last Raven, Formula Front):
    • All four versions of "Silent Line", from the game of the same name.
    • Artificial Line sets an epic tone for your battle with the IBIS in Silent Line.
  • Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon: "Contact With You" initially appears to be the boss theme of the infamous Balteus and is a subtle if haunting techno piece that sounds oddly hopeful for a boss fight. However, once you know the song's name combined with the context of what just happened in the story, you'll realize it isn't a boss theme for Balteus at all. It's the theme of C4-621 and Ayre, a pair that will become the driving force behind the ultimate fate of Rubicon 3. If 621 sides with Ayre and Rubicon in the endgame, it even comes back for 621's wholesale asskicking of both Arquebus and Overseer, serving as a Triumphant Reprise by changing the context of its playing rather than the song itself.
  • Sunrise remixes:
    • "Days" is an epic arrangement that combines elements of Armored Core 3, Armored Core 4, and ACV music into a track with a fantastic climax.
    • "Remain" is distinctly ACV-style, suited to a climactic battle of some sort.
    • "Life In Ash" rather neatly captures the overall tone of the franchise - pulse-pounding, toe-tapping, but unmistakably tragic. It's an impressive feat.
  • Armored Core Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Box contains nearly all the songs listed here.