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Songs by pack:

Arcaea (free songs)

  • Bookmaker by Kobaryo has a booming bass track and a strong melody with several high-energy drops.
  • Infinity Heaven by HyuN is an emotional and cathartic melodic trance song with beautiful piano melodies.
  • Nhelv by Silentroom makes heavy use of percussion and ominous bells, giving off an apocalyptic feel fitting of one of the hardest free songs in the game.
  • Red and Blue by Silentroom, a bangin' mid-tempo schranz track that was actually first produced in 2014 before being adopted for Arcaea.

Main Story

Vicious Labyrinth

  • Grievous Lady by Team Grimoire & Laur mixes orchestral instruments with extremely intense beats and a memorable melody to create a powerful song fitting for one of the hardest levels in the game. The extended versions expands on the build up and the climax of the song to deliver the full force of the song in its uncut form.

Luminous Sky

  • Ether Strike by Akira Complex has an outstanding drop that elevates the entire song to a whole new level.
  • Fracture Ray, the Anomaly boss track of Luminous Sky, made by none other than the BMS of Fighters legend Sakuzyo, has intense rapid-fire beats and several intense drops.

Black Fate

  • #1f1e33 is an intense Neurofunk by famed EDM producer (and frequent Rhythm Game music maker) Camellia.
  • Tempestissimo by famous J-core producer t+pazolite is a powerful song created to serve as the hardest song in the entire game, with its highest diffculty being Beyond 11.

Side Story

Binary Enfold

  • Singularity by ETIA. is known primarily for its "If you can" meme, but the song itself features a upbeat and energetic chorus with a rapid-fire bass + chopped vocal climax.

Absolute Reason

  • Antithese by Blacklolita features a strong build up to a climactic drop, releasing a stunning melody played over powerful kicks.
  • Cyaegha by USAO features a host of strong electronic instruments alongside an ethereal female vocal line, giving the song an intense yet mesmerizing quality.

Memory Archive (individual-song DLC)note 

  • Alexandrite by WAiKURO (a.k.a. BlackY) is an amazing trance song with an extremely memorable melody. Xeraphinite, a "sequel" to "Alexandrite", is just as mesmerizing.
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  • SAIKYO STRONGER by REDALiCE and USAO is an upbeat, energetic, and catchy song serving as the "boss track" of the HARDCORE TANO*C collaboration.

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