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  • Daddy Mulk from The Ninja Warriors. Awesome song that has been remixed many times, it's a shame that The Ninja Warriors Again didn't have a remix of it. The remake of The Ninja Warriors Again does however have it.
  • The scrolling shooter based on the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero cartoon had an awesome instrumental mix of the 90's DIC theme as its first level BGM, interspersed with "Got to get tough! Yo Joe!" at the same points where it would be shouted during the opening. They could hardly have picked a better song to psych up a player for the rest of the game and all the gratuitous shooting and explosions involved.
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  • The first mission from Total Carnage will get every over-muscular American video game hero's blood pumping.
  • The little-known rhythm game Crackin' DJ has a fairly good soundtrack, but the sequel has an insane soundtrack composed by legendary Sega composers Hiro and Takenobu Mitsuyoshi. Notable highlights include:
    • "It's All Good", a funky song that teaches you the basics, with excited vocals from Takenobu himself.
    • "Thanks for Nothing", a simple blend of blues rock and techno.
    • "Happy Man", a bizarre mix of rap vocals, cartoon sound effects, music box melodies, and baby noises. Somehow it works!
    • "Sun Dance", a cheery song with female vocals.
    • "Sleeper", a groovy funk rock song.
    • The bonus stage theme, "Let's Go Away". Yes, that "Let's Go Away".
    • "Seven o'Clock", the other bonus stage theme, is a medley of Fantasy Zone music, of all things!
  • Tetris Dekaris, an arcade version of Tetris from Sega, inexplicably forgoes the usual Tetris theme in favor of catchy J-Pop, and it is great.
  • Top Landing has the first main theme, a cheerful track that gets you pumped to land at one of eight real-world commercial airports.


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