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Awesome Music / Alias

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Alias had amazing music.

  • The pilot. The entire pilot. Vertical Horizon's "You're a God" (when Danny proposes to Sydney) and "Give You Back" (when Jack tells Sydney he's a double agent); Sinead O'Connor's "No Man's Woman" (when Sydney walks out with the Mueller device), and Peter Gabriel's "Here Comes the Flood" (Danny's funeral).
  • "Delicate" in the episode where Jack meets Irina's sister Katya.
  • U2's "Walk On" in "Passage, Pt. 1". One does not simply walk into Kashmir. The Bristow-Derevkos Team Power Walk into Kashmir, just after blowing a large hole in some PRF goons. In the same episode, Sark and Sydney driving along to "Bad Moon Rising".
  • January 26, 2003. ABC needs to figure out a way to keep audiences tuned in after Super Bowl XXXVII. 1. 2. 3.- HIT IT!
  • Matthew Good Band's "Weapon" over the ending to "A Higher Echelon".
  • Bob Dylan's "Shelter from the Storm" playing over the end of "Trust Me", when Sydney confronts Irina.
  • The opening theme! 30 seconds of techno-y goodness. And then surpassed by Michael Giacchino's awesome scores. High paced and a perfect fit for the tension building.