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  • AC/DC are responsible for a mind-boggling amount of Hard Rock classics, but maybe the most beloved worldwide is from Back in Black: "You Shook Me All Night Long", one of rock's premier getting-laid anthems.
    • Expanding on Back in Black's "Hells Bells": it opens with what sounds like funeral bells (referencing the death of Bon Scott). Then suddenly the Young brothers and the rhythm section come in with an Epic Riff, and Brian Johnson makes his debut with the epic lyric "I'm rolling thunder, pouring rain. I'm coming on like a hurricane."
    • It's impossible to listen to the Title Track of Back in Black without feeling like a badass. Or being reminded of how the Marvel Cinematic Universe begannote . Or even how it gave one Robert Downey Jr. the most well-known Career Resurrection in recent memory. Riffs don't get more Epic than that.
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  • "Thunderstruck" from their 1990 Career Resurrection The Razor's Edge. You already hear the "na NA na NA, NA na NAAAH nah" in your head now, don't you?
  • If "You Shook Me..." is a classic getting-laid anthem, the title track from Highway to Hell is the de facto hedonism anthem, with one of the band's most recognizable riffs. Also serves as something of an epitaph for the all-too-short life of Bon Scott.
  • "If You Want Blood (You Got It)"... not the live album, the song from Highway to Hell. An awesome, chunky Epic Riff and lyrics that add up to one big Badass Boast make for one of the best AC/DC album tracks ever.
  • "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" (from the album of the same name) already has an awesome Alliterative Title, but the song itself gets the blood pumping quick and it's got Bon Scott's dirty skirt-chasing fingerprints all over it.
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  • "Jailbreak." Drunk Canadians probably remember this song, its three-chord monster riff, and Bon Scott's badass tale of a prison break, for being featured in the cult movie FUBAR.
  • "It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock n' Roll)" (from 1976's High Voltage) is a bit overshadowed by the other songs here, but it's a minimalist guitar boogie that serves as the AC/DC mission statement. It's also the most hard-rocking song to include bagpipes.
  • Also from High Voltage, live favorite "The Jack" is the perfect way to illustrate how effective AC/DC are when they slow the tempo down; in this case, it's sleazy Blues Rock with double entendres galore. (In live performances they have new lyrics that don't even bother with the entendres!)
  • Black Ice gives us "Rock n' Roll Train" which wound up becoming another comeback. The band play around with the time signature a bit and never once lose the meat n' potatoes style they always had. Also provided an awesome concert intro for the Black Ice tour, when they burst onto the stage with a life-size train.
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  • From the mid-1980s, Maximum Overdrive is a So Bad, It's Good piece of horror schlock from Stephen King, but "Who Made Who", featured prominently in the film, has become one of the band's best known songs, and is still played on rock radio stations over 30 years later.


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