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  • One of the original 800 Clan warriors in BattleTech is Kami Sword, and perhaps the most famous mercenary in the series is Grayson Death Carlyle, who proceeded to name his unit "The Gray Death Legion." Hundreds of battle mechs have awesome names. Such as the Battlemaster, Marauder, Timber Wolf, Summoner, Awesome... Several Clan names count, such as Jade Falcon, Goliath Scorpion, Ghost Bear...
    • And then there are 'Mechs with less intrinsically awesome names, like Dasher (so-called by the Inner Sphere for its ridiculous speed, the Clans call it Fire Moth, which isn't much better), Spider (which one of the coolest-looking scout 'Mechs among most fans), and Cicada.
    • Running into incredibly long name territory, we have Prince Victor Ian Steiner-Davion.
    • Ace Darwin of Darwin's Whipits. Admit it, being acknowledged as 'Ace' on a regular basis is pretty awesome.
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    • Don Carlos Camacho of Camacho's Caballeros. Sounds like an old dignified ranchero, and at heart he is. He also happens to pilot a Timber Wolf that he captured himself named Tiburon, Spanish for shark, which definitely qualifies him for several levels of impressive.
  • Dark Age peppers its setting with characters bearing names like Jon Woe, Helexa, Quietus, Captain Flay, Jarl Ramsaur and X'cess.
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • The earliest days of the game seem to alternate between this trope and the total opposite: you'd get superb names like Vlondril, Dragotha, Mordenkainen, the Unnameable Hierarch and Count Strahd von Zarovich. Unfortunately, the less spectacular names are all the more painful for the contrast.
    • D&D3 and later gives a list of sample names with each race, and sometimes...
      • Players who create Warforged characters are encouraged to use names like Relic, Sigil, Wall, Shield, and Bastion. They did not have a name when first created. Now freed, Warforged tend to look for words that they feel "represent" them to use as name. The King of Breland's former bodyguard was called Bulwark for example.
      • Dragonborn of Bahamut (The 3.5e version, who are members of other races that undergo a voluntary transformation) are encouraged to take a new Draconic name. Draconic is one of the few D&D languages with an actual lexicon, so you can actually name yourself "Platinum Strongscale who killed the big mean red dragon" without sounding like a tool.
      • In 4th and 5th edition, some tieflings take on names based on concepts that they seek to embody. So players are given free reign to give their character a name like Hope, Poetry, Torment, or Despair.
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    • Forgotten Realms had ancient mad wizard Halaster Blackcloak. The given name was Hilather, but he thought "Halaster" sounds cool.
    • There's also The Simbul. Her real name is Alassra Shentrantra Silverhand (which is, itself, pretty cool) but she took her current title from the name of a deity worshipped by primitive humans. Whatever the case, the sound of it is not only cool, it strikes fear into the hearts of the evil Red Wizards of Thay. (Simply put, you do not want to mess with her.)
    • Jim Darkmagic of the New Hampshire Darkmagics, created by Gabe for his first ever D&D session (he astounded the seasoned players by rolling 20s).
      • "Why don't you just name yourself Chet AwesomeLaser?"
      • Scott Kurtz, the guy playing a Dwarf character, was encouraged by Tycho to alliterate with his name, claiming that Dwarves lose abilities if they don't alliterate.
      • The whole crew have awesome names, Jerry is Ominifis Earwahr Dran, Mike is the aforementioned James Darkmagic III, Scott Kutz is Binwin Bronzebottom, and Wil Wheaton is Aeofel Elhromane. Also, at one point due to the general confusion of the table Tycho thinks Scott has renamed himself "Vanguard Crackhammer."
  • Exalted gives us such varied names as Harmonious Jade, Seven Devils Clever, Excessively Righteous Blossom, Chejop Kejak, Tammiz Ushun, Ma-Ha-Suchi, Lilith, The Lover Clad In The Raiment Of Tears, The Bodhisattva Anointed By Dark Water, the Bull of the North... It's justified, though, in that the main characters and most of their opponents are legendary figures who are practically expected to have a mythic reputation.
    • Shards of the Exalted Dream, in the Heaven's Reach setting, mentions the Lunar emperor Heaven's Son, the reshaper of the cosmos named Immaculate Golden Engineer, and the Stal war hero Ungenerous-Hand-of-Reprisal 1-9-7-3.
    • Taken Up to Eleven by the Primordial She Who Lives In Her Name, which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • Iron Kingdoms: numerous characters have awesome names, such as Lord Commander Stryker, Kommander Sorscha, Major Marcus "Siege" Brisbane, Vladimir the dark champion...and more.
  • The NERO (actually a live action RPG) rulebook offers an example of a bad character history featuring "Nightblade Deathbringer Doomforge."
  • A lot of NPCs in the New World of Darkness have unconventional names. Most of them have some reason for it; vampires and changelings try to divorce themselves from their old mortal identities, Prometheans never had mortal identities in the first place and often just grab what sounds fitting, werewolves often take "deed names" to reflect great acts, and mages take "shadow names" to keep others from using their true names against them. And Sin-Eaters? They're just that awesome.
  • Members of The Zodiac Order in Psionics: The Next Stage in Human Evolution often have these. Examples include Mama Bear, Chris Riven, The Scream, and Lucky Wacker.
    • Some of the people credited in the book have these too.
  • In Scion, another RPG by our friends at White Wolf, you play as the child of a God — Hera, Loki, etc. For whatever reason, example characters have this odd tendency towards weird, unlikely names referencing their divine parent, even from a slant — such as Horace Farrow, son of... Horus.
  • "Lord Baron Whoopass Von Badass".
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse: Most names are either "reasonably normal if sometimes alliterative or precognitively accurate" (Paul Parsons, Maya Montgomery, Kim Howell, Ryan Frost, Paige Huntley, Jim Brooks) or "alien" (Portja Kir Pro, M'kk Dall'ton), but points have to go to the team villain Sergeant Steel, whose name is not a pseudonym; his full name is Jack Steel.
  • Miniature wargame rules publishers Too Fat Lardies pepper their rules with a subversion of this trope. Not only do they happily give names scatological acronym titles (Troops, Weapons and Tactics, Stout Hearts, Iron Troops etc) they tend to give the men in the examples joke names — the most reused being Hugh Jarce.
  • Obviously, like a half of all names in any Warhammer game counts. Highlights include:
    • Sebastian Thor
    • Malcador the Sigilite
    • Vulkan
    • Just...all the Space Wolves: Leman Russ, Logan Grimnar, Ragnar Blackmane, Lukas the Trickster, Njal Stormcaller, Bjorn the Fell-Handed. The list goes on.
      • Bjorn deserves a mention: depending on how which definition of "fell" you go with, he's either Bear the Evil-Handed or Bear the Mountain-handed.
    • The Blood Angels are no slouch in this department either: Sanguinius, Mephiston, the Lord of Death, Astorath the Grim, Erasmus Tycho, Commander Dante.
    • Kayvaan Shrike, the former (now he's the Chapter Master) captain of the Raven Guard's 3rd Company.
    • The Ultramarines have their share, mostly Ancient Grome-themed: Marneus Augustus Calgar, Cato Sicarius, Varro Tigurius, and Uriel Ventris.
    • Horus Lupercal
    • Even nonhumans in 40k get to these. Valhalla, Macragge, Witchblades, Lightning Claws, Thunder Hammers, the Eye of Terror...
      • Chainswords. Seriously. Chainswords.
    • The names of Space Marine chapters: Ultramarines, Imperial Fists, Dark Angels, Luna Wolves, Crimson Fists, Silver Eagles, Sable Swords, Black Templars, Black Dragons, Fire Hawks, Flame Falcons, Lamenters, Relictors...Even the Chaos Space Marines: Black Legion, Iron Warriors, Red Corsairs..
    • Then there's the Imperial Guard: Mordian Iron Guard, Morbidian Skull Takers, Cadian Shock Troops, Armageddon Steel Legion, Mordant Acid Dogs, Krieg Death Korps. And then there's named characters: Lord Castellian Ursakar E. Creed, Colonel "Iron Hand" Straken, Sly Marbo, Sergeant "Stone-tooth" Harker, Commissar Sebastian Yarrick, Lord Commander Solar Macharius...
    • Tau are given names as they manage notable achievements, leading to constructions like "Shadowsun," "Puretide," "Farsight," "Longstrike," "Shadewalker" and "Skyfire."


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