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  • Fionn Mac Cumhaill, a hero of Celtic Mythology, whose name is pronounced "Finn McCool."
  • Cu Chulainn is an Irish hero whose name means "the Hound of Culann." This name was given to him when he ripped apart the blacksmith's (Culann) guard dog with his bare hands as a young boy. As a punishment he offered to take its place until a successor could be reared.
  • Older Than Feudalism from Jewish mythology:
    • The angel known as Metatron!
    • Samael, whose name means "Poison of God". Fittingly, he's one of the Angels of Death, and, depending on the sources, either the Devil or a really cool guy who loves to talk with wise men while playing chess.
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    • Jacob, one of the Hebrew patriarchs, was renamed by God Himself as "Yisrael" (anglicized to Israel) meaning wrestles with God, after Jacob fought with an angel and won. The angel only defeated Jacob by wounding Jacob in the inner thigh. note 
    • The Apostles John and James may certainly have common first names by today's standards, but Jesus gave them the name "Boanerges" which translates to "Sons of Thunder."

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