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  • According to many sporkers, this is the easiest way to spot such types of characters in Fanfics.
    • One obvious example is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way from My Immortal. (Note the gratuitous apostrophe, and that "Dementia" is quite a lovely-sounding name so long as you ignore what the word means.)
      • ... which is why the name was used for a gag at the end of Addams Family Values.
      • Who will always be lovingly referred to as Enoby by fans and haters alike.
      • Even canon characters get new awesome names. Like Harry Potter being Vampire and Voldemort being renamed Satan Bombodil Andorson!
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    • And then, you've got characters with names like "Chihuatlan Razortalon." Sure, "Razortalon" fits the model...but "Chihuatlan" invokes small yappy lapdogs rather than the exoticism for which the author was no doubt shooting.
    • Awesome de Britannia is about as unsubtle an example of this trope as they come.
    • Detsniy Off Skiword has given his characters such names. Most notable are Rōnin, from The Hoen Jorneys, and Dusk, from Avance Wars 3 Yelow Comet Defence, who outright says he changed his name to Dusk since his original immigrant protection name of Darkness wasn't cool enough.
  • Laura Destinee Forgotten from Learning And Sburbing
  • In The Mad Scientist Wars we have the Tinker family, who all have this. For instance Andrew Omega-Particle prince Risk Tinker, or his son Frederic Zeta Risk Raize Tinker. This goes back pretty far- for instance, Grandpa Florian Blitz Viktor.
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  • A character in numerous fanfics on the Phineas and Ferb Fanon Wiki is named Goldfish Darkskull.
  • All the Fullmetal Alchemist characters have ridiculously cool names. In the Elemental Chess Trilogy fanfic series, Riza Hawkeye gets an extra one. After she marries Roy Mustang, the men of their unit feel awkward calling her Hawkeye, but they also can't call her Mustang, so they refer to her by the affectionate nickname "Ladyhawk."
  • Frozen (2013) fic What About Witch Queen? has side-character called Bjorn Berg, who doesn't sound like an example until you realize that his name means Bear Mountain. (It may also double as a shout-out to Swedish-born tennic champion Björn Borg.
  • Despite the lukewarm reaction to the title character, it's hard to argue that the Original Characters of Knight of the Old Republic: The Prodigy of Revan have pretty kickass names.
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time actually names the soldier that dies in the Back Alley in the game. His name? Zabal Zinzendorff.
  • Deserving has a character called Sin. The author apparently intended it to be a horrible name bestowed on the child by a father who hated him and his mother, and calling him that is allegedly a crossing of the Moral Event Horizon, but, well, Sin.
  • In With Strings Attached, we have the elf As'taris Farbound.
    • Who is promptly nicknamed by the four "Ass," "Asshole," Santa's Ass," and "Jeez-Ass" (after he gets resurrected).
  • The Dilgar War has captain Manly Power. At first the crew of the Space Race can't believe it, then they verify it and realize his crew has to call him Captain Power, and declare it the coolest name ever.
  • In Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way vs. Canon, everyone in the Mary Sue Extermination Association has a cool name—the most obvious being October Maynard and Aphrodite Adams.
  • Lightning Bolt and Thunder Flicker in Ace Combat: The Equestrian War.
    • The former case is cool only because of her standing in the story as part of the main ensemble.
  • ADMIRAL Awesome Yonasomun Armageddon in Twillight Sparkle's awesome adventure.
  • Commander Sarmen Cuczoff of the Long Island PRT in Pokéumans
    • For simplicity, Mr. X.
  • The Wolf Hound called Hai in Bringing Me To Life, in Japanese Hai can mean 'Ocean' or 'Sea'. The not so awesome reason it was given, Hai peed all over the bed and one of his owners as a puppy.
  • Equestrylvania has plenty of examples. The list so far includes Shatterstorm, Tiger Cross, Roaring Yawn, Rose Blade, Whisper White, Eagle Eye... Really, we could be here all day.
  • The Alarmaverse: Ditzy Doo is actually short for Detsella Renombrada Morningdew. And her dad's full name is LaMontagne Burningspear Morningdew, but he normally goes by LaMonte Doo.
  • Aesir: Cross Wars: The Hero and the Deuteragonist are named Azrael and Azazel respectively. Being based off Norse Mythology, the names Odin, Hel, and Loki are pretty cool as well. However, the coolest name in the story has to be freaking Crushadion.
  • The main character of A Dream goes by the name Plymouth Valiant. This is Invoked as when he's first asked his name he starts trying to think of something cool.
  • Forum of Thrones, being set in Westeros, has a number of cool names as typical for the setting. Prominent examples include Argilac Durrandon and his daughter, Argella Durrandon, Gordar Celtigar and Rahaerys Velaryon, Daghan Oxus, Arryk Bulwer, Damon Greyjoy, Baelor Bloodbane, Lupin Frostborn and Darko Mogfield.
  • RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse: Wedge Hurricane. Subverted, however, since according to someone who knows him, he's nowhere near as awesome as the name implies, just being a nice pony who likes hurricanes a lot.
  • Most Original Characters featured in Citadel of the Heart usually tend to have rather mundane names; apparently the individual natives and indigenous species of Ultimoria never got the memo that their names are more over-the-top when compared to everyone else's. Ultima's full name of "Ultima Ultimate Ultimoria Ultrarius the last Son of Almighty Invictus Absolute Ultimate Ultimoria Ultrarius" speaks volumes with this alone, though thankfully it's intentional with Ultima being the only one who takes his name completely seriously despite how over-the-top it is.
  • From My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic, we have Lightning Dawn. Even if the character isn't very well liked, many at least agree that it's a pretty awesome name.
  • From New Hope University: Major In Murder, there is Guiseppe Perfetto, whose name means Joe Perfect when translated from Italian.
    • He actually chose this name to annoy his commanders.

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