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  • The Gáe Bulg (alternatively spelled Gáe Bolg or Gáe Bulga) of Celtic Myth. While the specifics differ depending on the telling, it's typically described as a weapon that never misses when thrown, and kills the target in an impressively bloody manner. Problem is, it only works under very specific circumstances (i.e. you have to throw it with your foot), tends to get stuck in the person you throw it into, and you have to tear off all of the Ludicrous Gibs and wash it in a stream before you can use it again.

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  • In Christian beliefs, Jesus was omnipotent, but using all his power would defeat the purpose of trying to convert the people through words and minor miracles. Yes, he could have just smacked Pontius Pilate (the governor who let the crowds Crucify him out of fear of a riot) aside with his mind or cursed those who crucified him, but that would make the sacrifice he was for Mankind's freedom null and void.