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Wily's... an alien?note 

The Blue Bomber in his various forms and his allies have faced down many awesome mechanical creations in their fight.

Mega Man (Classic) Series

  • Mega Man brings us the Yellow Devil. So you've taken down the original six Robot Masters and have finally started the assault on Dr. Wily. At first nothing really out of the ordinary, just retreads of enemies fought throughout the game. Then you enter a boss room only to find no-one waiting patiently. Suddenly, from the LEFT SIDE of the screen comes a barrage of yellow orbs, leaving you scrambling and dodging, wondering where it's going to come next, and as each orb reaches the right side, it starts forming into something much bigger. Finally, the Yellow Devil takes full form just long enough to fire ONE bullet right at Mega Man at high velocity, and you barely have enough time to dodge before you have to worry about the creature deforming and again sending its orbs across the screen. This continues, leaving you with only scant enough time to hit its weak spot... the very same eye it uses to fire at you, and even when you know the pattern of its reformation, it's still an exercise in thumb athletics to get through this battle with minimum damage. Truly a helluva way to introduce the different bosses of the Wily stages. For extra epic, take it on with just the Mega Buster, and add required precision to do damage.
  • Mega Man 2, on the good ol' gray box. The Dr. Wily boss fights (especially the Mecha Dragon and Guts-Dozer) were JAWDROPPING by 1988 standards.
    • The fight with the Wily Machine is fun, if easy. The preceding Robot Master Boss Rush also deserves a mention.
    • The rematch against Metal Man, if only for a chance to laugh as your Metal Blades smash him in two hits (or one in the U.S. version's Normal difficulty).
  • Another example would be the two Bass battles that you have to win in Mega Man 7 as long as you don't use the Super Adapter for those fights. In the first one, you go face-to-face with Bass who has the all the same basic attacks you do. When you face him for round two, Bass uses the equipment he stole from Dr. Light to fly around the room, that happens to have lowered gravity. In both fights, you have to stay on your toes as long as you don't use the aforementioned gamebreaker or healing items. Sadly, he becomes a total push over in Mega Man 8, despite him supposedly becoming a more "powerful" form for that battle. Alternatively, you can hold back against Bass in the first fight, maybe using his weakness weapon (Crush Noise) if you're having trouble, and when he breaks out his Super Treble Adapter, that's when you break out the Super Rush Adapter. Then it becomes an epic, evenly matched midair duel, with both of you zooming around on jet packs, firing buster shots and homing Rocket Punches at each other as you pass by. It's still a challenging fight because the combatants are dishing out heavy damage with each shot, and Bass is stronger and more maneuverable then Mega Man, with infinite flight as opposed to Mega Man's glorified Double Jump. It makes the weakened Treble Adapter in Mega Man and Bass all the more painful to see...
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  • Another 7 option is the duel against Proto Man. He's been helping you in small ways throughout the game, then finally confronts you for a proper boss fight if you achieve all the requirements. It's awesome if you face Proto Man 'properly,' that is, Buster only, no Rush Armor, no E-Tanks. This predates his Glass Cannon characterization, so he has 28 hit points just like Mega Man, and fights with a souped-up Proto Buster, using the high-flying acrobatics and speed that he's always been known for. Unlike his previous battles in 3, his shield is actually protective here and he has Mercy Invincibility after each hit, so you can't just spam shots at him as before. You need to figure out where he's weak in each of his various attack patterns (of which he has five, which he can use at random) and hit him before he hits you, since his Proto Buster deals a ton of damage. Win, and he gives you his Proto Shield, which you can equip to negate weaker enemy attacks outright.
  • Mega Man 9 gives us the final Wily fight. It's a three-stage fight with no breaks in between. It's also very hard, but the feeling of satisfaction you get from beating it is awesome.
  • The Weapons Archive boss in Mega Man 10. It's separated into three parts throughout the level. Why? Because the fights consist of 9 machines, each taking its attack pattern from a robot master from a previous game. Elec Man from 1, Wood Man from 2, Gemini Man from 3, Ring Man from 4, Napalm Man from 5, Flame Man from 6, Slash Man from 7 (with an appropriate 8-bit sprite to boot), Frost Man from 8 (also packing a new 8-bit sprite), and Tornado Man from 9. If that isn't an excellent callback to the Classic series as a whole, then nothing is.
  • Mega Man V: Sunstar. First of all, he steals the Final Boss position from Doctor Wily, which is a huge deal in and of itself, but the actual fight is frenetic and challenging, with Sunstar having no weapon weaknesses and three different phases, each of which is announced by him destroying the floor and dropping the fight into a new room. This fight alone is a big reason why Mega Man V is so highly regarded.

Mega Man X Series

  • One of the bosses in the franchise that stands out is X1's Sigma. For once, a main villain actually faces you man to man... not piloting a machine, as Wily does, but facing you head on! Try doing that fight with just the X-Buster. You now need to fully charge the buster, and it will only deal a single point of damage to him! Not only does Sigma become insanely hard but the sheer length of the battle makes the eventual win very satisfying.
  • X2's Zero fight. Although you can easily dodge most of the attacks, the music makes up for it.
  • X4:
    • One memorable boss is Magma Dragoon. An Expy of Akuma, he was once loyal to the Maverick Hunters before going rogue by crashing the Sky Lagoon just so he could fight X and Zero in combat. And boy, is he a fun boss. His attacks range from Hadoukens and Shoryukens to dive kicks and using other flaming projectiles. For an added bonus, you can bring a Ride Armor to the boss battle for a change. He's also one of the only bosses outside of Sigma to have post-boss dialogue. The best part about this boss fights comes with the added challenge of going ZSaber-only. While Dragoon is already a fun and challenging boss, going Z Saber-only ensures that you have to get up close and make sure every hit counts. The frantic and intense fight provided only adds to the awesome that the bosses already has, and killing Dragoon without the Ride Armor is just oh so damn satisfying.
    • In the pentultimate level, X has to fight Double, his supposed Mission Control who's revealed to be Sigma's lackey all along. He goes from the unassuming fat yellow reploid look into a more imposing and freaky battle form, and he's quite aggressive in his attacks. Oh, and using his weakness (Double Cyclone) on him just makes the fight harder, as doing so will make him automatically deploy flying bits that will harass you. For Zero, he fights Iris, who went mad because he slayed her brother Colonel, and merges with Colonel's "core" to transform herself into a battle body akin to a Ride Armor. While somewhat less awesome than what X fought, it's also memorable, as this means Iris is also gonna die by Zero's hands. Cue his anguish about his (lack of) reason of fighting.
    • Although Sigma is usually a great boss, Mega Man X4's rendition was just über-cool. Grim reaper, then the agile saber/electric version, but the top of it is the final form. A giant head AND a giant robot teleporting in an out while some elemental robot heads help them. You'll need to be really good at pattern catching to beat each of the variations of the third Sigma form.
  • X5:
    • After the nostalgia trip that is Quick Man's death lasers, you go into the boss room. A giant "W" logo forms in the background... and bits of black goo come flying from the left side. Meet Shadow Devil, a much deadlier version of the Yellow Devil above. Aside from the usual "flying bits, reform, eye shot" tactic, it can also turn into a facsimile of Wily Machine in Mega Man 6 that deals high contact damage when his health goes low enough.
    • After four games of foreshadowing, we have the battle that would forever be in every fan's minds: Mega Man X vs. Zero/Maverick Zero. Knowing how strong the other android is, neither of them are holding back: Zero unleashes attacks that weren't even previously in his arsenal before, and X is using the -wait for it- Ultimate Armor. And you can thank Sigma and Dr. Wily for all of that.
  • Sigma's final form in X7. Say what you will about X7, but the final battle with Sigma made everything worth it. Sigma is fought in his biggest body ever, in what appears to be some sort of odd void (despite having been in a regular building earlier) with your only footing being small floating platforms. As the fight begins, Sigma rises up and says in the most hammy voice ever: "Ready for the real thing?!" Then he proceeds to attack in you in a remarkable number of ways, while a truly epic song plays in the background.
  • One of the highlights of X8 was undoubtedly the return of Vile, with his new green armor and jetpack, apparently signifying how much more maneuverable he is than in previous X games. Then you get to Lumine using all the screen-filling "anger" attacks of the eight main bosses... Not to mention his final form. Lumine gets into the shape of something that is almost angelic, while throwing very special and complex attacks at you. But that's not all. Eventually, Lumine goes Ax-Crazy and starts BSODING just teleporting doing nothing. If you let him live long enough, he will reach a moment in which he says "I won't let you go, NOT YOU!!", the screen goes black and you die.

Mega Man Zero Series

  • Whenever you fight one of the Four Guardians. The fast, high-flying Harpuia, the trigger-happy ground-shaking Fefnir, the swift and full-of-spectacle Leviathan, and the tricky, shadowy Phantom. Their Desperation Attacks (only done when your rank is A/S) are especially a sight to behold. Especially for the last time you fight the first three (i.e in the second game), they go One-Winged Angel on you: Fefnir becomes a draconian tank that constantly pursues you, Leviathan becomes a manta ray-like submarine that covers the screen with ice projectiles, and Harpuia becomes a giant jet eagle with stormy attacks.
  • The first game gave us the Copy-X fight. Fighting against what was basically the main character previously is pretty cool in its own right, but when he finally goes One-Winged Angel on your ass... The music alone makes this fight epic.
  • In Zero 2, Panter Flauclaws fights you on 2 sideways trains; he's very agile, has a diving kick attack, and attacks with projectile cutters and electric balls. His Desperation Attack is him outright electrifying the train cart he's standing on. There's also the fight with Kuwagust Anchus, set on a high-flying plane that's about to bomb the Resistance Base; the fight is rather fast-paced with his quick, hard-to-dodge and painful attacks thanks to his power over the wind and lightning, and he's got some nasty moves with his stag beetle horns. But the crowning one goes to Phoenix Magnion, who has an unique pattern: he'll just stand on a position until you attack him, then he'll teleport out, reappear and then perform one of many tricky attacks; one of which has him grabbing you and carrying you up, then summoning illusions of 4 past Mega Man X bosses (Vile, Agile, Bit and Colonel) to bum rush you. Another instead has him flying back, then rushing forward while being Wreathed in Flames - basically Bison's Final Psycho Crusher.
  • The best of the Eight Gentle Judges goes to Cubit Foxtar, who manipulates Hitodama Light-like flaming drones which fill the screen in unique patterns that are tricky to dodge. Also the "turning into scattering fireballs, then flies erratically, then re-merge" move, which is nigh undodgeable if you don't know the trick.
  • Zero 3 gives you the three-stage battle against Omega. While the first bit is something of a yawner, consisting of the very first boss with a palette upgrade and some extra attacks, the second form is significantly harder and more awesome, putting you on a falling platform faced off against a boss made of gargantuan, warped versions of X and Zero's heads... and then you get to the final stage. Landing in the very first room from the first Mega Man Zero, now engulfed in a sea of flames, and facing off against Omega's core: the ORIGINAL Zero, who is faster and stronger than you and has some of Zero's most broken moves from the Mega Man X series. All this while "Cannon Ball" is blaring at you.
    • Omega's first two forms would've been even more epic were it not for the GBA's hardware limitations.
    • The Omega fight also has immense symbolic value. The fact that Zero's essentially fighting the very thing Dr. Wily INTENDED him to be. It's the ultimate way to give fate the metaphorical bird. Also, Omega is symbolic of the inner demons that have been tormenting him since the X series. Zero is essentially gaining some well deserved closure.
  • Also from 3, we have a hidden Bonus Boss in Sub Arcadia (the stage before the final level): Phantom, who died two games prior when he sacrificed himself to try stopping Zero. This battle takes the original and turns it Up to Eleven. His attacks are deadlier and harder to dodge, he can make false clones of himself, and if you attempt to bum-rush him you WILL have your metal rear end handed to you. Phantom also has just as much health as each of Omega's forms, and once you deplete them, you feel fantastic, having bested a foe that is in a one-screen-large room which offers minimal room to dodge and is far faster than you.
  • The fourth game's Dragon, Craft is a tough Wake-Up Call Boss when you first meet him and find he has three life bars rather than the usual two. It's a tough close range battle where you can smack his projectiles out of the air and a lot of fun.
  • Among the Einherjar Eight Warriors, Fenri Lunaedge is one fast icy wolf with surprisingly difficult patterns, especially the one where he zigzags around the room while firing ice crescents at you. Mino Magnus, while comparatively slower, is also an unique boss with his magnetism gimmick: he can magnetize you to make bits of scrap metal attach onto your body, slowing you down; he can attract and repel you around; he can create chunks of metal junk with a magnetic sphere; and he can also separate his body around and command them to move in a pattern.
  • Finally there's the final battle of the series against Dr. Weil. First, he fuses with Ragnarok's core and uses a variety of cool attacks, including summoning the souls of the last game's bosses to fight you. After that, he goes One-Winged Angel. Cue an epic battle on top of a flaming space station hurtling towards earth while kickass music plays in the background, and you have a badass last hurrah for a badass hero. Now that is how you do a Grand Finale.
    • Made more satisfying by the fact that you've been waiting since Zero 3 to get your hands on the bastard, after all that he has done. And having the badass deal the appropriate justice (oh, the irony!), well, nothing more needs to be said...
    • Wait, there's more; This battle is not just awesome, but meaningful — Zero finally finds his resolve and a reason to fight in this war, something that bugs him for centuries (since X4, to be precise). And he also states that he isn't a hero and he will do anything it takes to fight for those he believes in. Not to mention him finally ending the centuries-long war and creating peace between humans and reploids, something that Dr. Light aims for with Zero's best friend X (who dies in the end of Zero 3), and the awesome irony behind it: he was created by Dr. Wily, Light's nemesis, to destroy X and later wreak chaos in the world. In short, Wily's creation ended up fulfilling his nemesis Light's dream.
    • Really. The best part of that battle can be summed up in 4 little words: It's Zero's last battle. Because of that little fact, you know that they have to make it awesome.
    • It's even more epic if you picked up the axe weapon from an enemy, and use it for the final blow.

Mega Man Battle Network Series

  • The Bass battles from 6 were all pure adrenaline. The first one, if taken on early enough, is usually the player using their first gained Cross's charge shot to constantly interrupt his Buster Rake at just the right time. The SP battle is simply the first one with a 900 HP bonus and a little faster. However, it's his BX form that really shines. First off, you have to defeat your Beasted-Out Evil Twin, which is an absolute joke, and you will probably be able to beat it in your sleep, due to him kicking your ass so many times. He's literally faster than Quickman, has a Buster Rake that literally cannot be dodged without ice panels or a seriously crippling glitch, has all his former attacks which now deal enough damage to make Mega Man go angry in a single hit, and his ultimate attack, pulling out your opposite version Cybeast's severed head and using it to spit out its signature attack, which does well over six hundred damage. Oh, and he has over 3000 HP, and drops one of the most disappointing Giga Chips of all time. Still, he's pure adrenaline every single battle.
    • It's been found through proper ROM hacking that Bass.EXE in BN 6 has an AI level one step higher than his final form in 6. In it, his Buster guns hit EVERY panel seven times, all of his shots fire off in brief seconds, the Hells Wheel Rolling moves incredibly slow, and his AI has no attack lag between attacks, meaning he'll fire his buster and hit every shot, then immediately do it again, then do it once more, then fire off an attack of a different variety, then repeat. Basically, this means at the very start of the battle he can deal over 30,000 damage in less than 4 seconds with no damage buffer and breaking Undershot, requiring use of Invisible and extensive healing chips. It basically REQUIRES you to get hit by Hells Wheels and use the damage buffer to keep from instantly dying. His HP remains the same, though.
    • Almost every boss has an AI that breaks the game if one properly ROM hacks the AI in BN 6. Many of them are absurd, such as Spoutman's Hose attack which deals close to 500 damage, unloads your navi customizer, paralyzes you, and can stun-lock you to death. It's a wonder how these even got programmed to do that as setting these effects would have to be deliberate.
  • Fighting the LifeVirus, a 1000 HP monster with a 100 HP shield, and a constant spawn of drones, is probably the most fun part of the original Battle Network.
  • In Battle Network 3, you're just coming off the battle with Bass inside of the last area, when suddenly both he and Wily get eaten by what will be your next boss: Alpha. What is Alpha? Alpha is effectively a sentient viral program that was the original version of the internet. For Megaman.EXE, that's basically fighting his planet.

Mega Man ZX and Advent

  • The Omega/Original Zero battle in ZX. There is just something about fighting something that just seems to do anything you can do, only looking more badass at it (see for example his EX-Skills). Complete with Cannon Ball "Hard Revenge" and the increased Berserker-ness of Omega.
  • Also the Prometheus and Pandora fights in both games, which never cease to be entertaining. Their boss themes help a lot. Advent especially makes the boss fight against the reploid siblings fun and exciting; they stop their whole 'take turns' shit, reserving that for the first half of the battle. In the second half, they start to double team you in increasingly badass and difficult ways. For instance, one attack has Prometheus land on the floor, stick his hair in the ground, and start attempting to impale you with it, all while laughing maniacally. However, this is just a distraction; at the end of his attack Pandora comes out of nowhere to blindside you with her hair as well. Another attack has Pandora appear in the center of the screen to shoot either icicles or electric waves at you...and when the attack appears to be over, Prometheus shoots down the screen right at you, enveloping the arena in flames. However, the move that takes the cake is one where they're both present the entire attack. First, Pandora appears at one side of the screen. Simple enough. But then Prometheus slams down from the other side of the screen. What makes this move devious is how Pandora will start covering the screen, all while Prometheus attempts to charge you with his scythe. The only way to dodge this attack? You have to shoot Prometheus mid-charge, jump over him as he is defending, and then jump again just as Pandora tries to bum rush you. If you fail to avoid this attack? Prometheus unleashes an unavoidable energy wave from his scythe, Pandora impales you with her electric spear, and Prometheus finishes the combo by shooting into the air while using his scythe like a propeller. Pretty epic encounter, no?
  • One of the most fun bosses in Advent is the fight with Atlas. At that point in the game, half of the forms cannot be used (Chronoforce and Rospark). And unlike the other bosses, she does not do anything to go off of the screen like the other bosses. She does, however, wall jump, which the others do not do. So in this fight, both fighters stay on screen at all times, wall kicking, shooting, and dodging. It feels like you are playing against someone else who has the skills that you do.
    • The other biometal users in Advent also count, especially Vent/Aile. It's an easy fight but the cool cutscene beforehand makes it feel epic.
    • These fights are doubly fun in Boss Select mode when you can take their form and beat them at their own game.
  • Also from Advent, Vulturon, who attacks with zombies controlled by The Power of Rock.
  • The first game has Fistleo, basically a love letter to Magma Dragoon above. He's got a homing flash attack, a rushing punch attack (that also sends fires up the wall), a Shoryuken-like attack (that causes flaming rocks to fall from the ceiling) and a rushing grab move. For more fun, try not hitting his head (his weakness) to get the highest grade, which is quite the challenge as he isn't a really tall guy (just about a head taller than your player character) and he likes to bow down a lot for his attacks.
  • The Final Bosses from both games are epic struggles:
    • From the first game, the final boss' first phase fights like a Street Fighter game complete with a freaking Shoryuken move! Then in round two the boss goes through three stages in one form, continuously changing the method needed to attack it and upgrading its own attacks mid battle.
    • In the second game, the ultimate battle starts out with a three headed dragon in the first phase of the fight. Then in the second phase the boss uses upgraded attacks from all the other Mega Men including yourself. Oh, and the final battleground is made out of the Bigger Bad in a room designed to look like a broken paradise. Now that is awesome!

Mega Man Star Force Series

  • Crimson Dragon, the Final Boss of 3. Why? Finalize. Noise Force Big Bang. Crimson Dragon is notable for being a unique boss fight, and for the whole Network timeline, at that. It is the ONE boss fight where you fight the Big Bad directly, not just his monster.
  • Also from Star Force 3, Sirius. His fights involve lots of dodging and waiting for the perfect moment to strike, keeping you constantly alert. When you finally get in some good hits, he doesn't even flinch. Winning his fight is hard, but it gives such a sense of satisfaction.
  • Also, Rogue at his highest levels. Bringing him down is one of the most rewarding moments in the whole series.

Mega Man Legends Series

  • The Flutter Vs. the Gesellschaft is considered to be the Signature Scene for the entire series, and for damn good reason. The entire fight takes place on top of the Flutter, which has its own health meter: if it drops to zero, Flutter crashes, you be dead. The battle starts simply enough, with you fighting off a fleet of the same Drach ships you've been shooting out of the sky with ease up to this point. Once you take care of them, the Gesellschaft itself - an absolutely massive warship large enough to eat your puny ship in a single bite - joins in. You spend this portion of the fight flying all around it and blasting it apart piece by piece, culminating in you destroying the twin laser cannons firing from the Bonne emblem itself. The fight would be awesome enough if it ended right there... but wait, there's more! From the wreckage of the Gesellschaft comes the Focke-Wulf, an incredibly fast, massive flying robot that constantly rains missiles and machine gun fire down upon you, and can quickly fill the Flutter with more holes than a brick of Swiss cheese if you're not careful. Taking this final bot down is incredibly satisfying capping off what is easily the most action-packed, intense fight in the entire game.
  • The battle with the Gemeinschaft in Legends 2, which is effectively both Glyde and the Bonnes' last stand. Roll fixes up a train car and you chase them on the roof of said train, taking on the pirates' train one car at a time. Glyde's car is awesome enough with its massive arsenal of machine guns and bomb turrets, but the Bonnes' car is where it really goes into Crazy Awesome territory. The Bonnes kick off their half of the fight by firing missiles (with Servbots riding them, for seemingly no reason other than pure Rule of Funny) at you. With their car being just out of range for most of your weapons, how do you fight back, you ask? Simple: by grabbing said missiles out of the air and chucking them back at the Bonnes. Once you do enough damage, you finally get in range of the Bonnes' massive frickin' laser cannon. Here, you have to do enough damage in a short amount of time to prevent the cannon from firing, because if it gets a shot off, you and/or your train are going to be taking massive damage. Take that out, and you get to launch an assault on the Gemeinschaft's engine which turns out to be nothing more than Bon hauling ass on the tracks as fast as his massive robot arms can carry him while Servbots throw weak bombs at you. The fight is a blast from start to finish, and the kickass music that plays throughout the fight is just the icing on this delicious cake.
  • In The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, a Megaman Legends prequel where you play as the villainess herself, has the final boss take place aboard The Colossus, a Reaverbot so massive that just its head, which is the focus of the fight, is bigger than most of the actual bosses throughout the entire series. Special props have to be given to Denise Marmalade. In the first stage, you simply chase her around and she won't attack unless she has sufficient distance from the Gustaff, given you're armed with a massive mecha suit and all she's got is a pistol. By the second fight she says she's done some "heavy training". Whatever this heavy training is, it's allowed her, in an incredibly short time span, to be able to grapple the Gustaff and flip it over her head and onto the ground, dealing quite a bit of damage. She doesn't run this time either; she deliberately chases after you. On the third fight, she gets fed up with losing and rents out a suit of her own, called Compages, to face you with, turning the boss fight into a Power Suit battle. The fact that a single ordinary policewoman goes to such massive lengths to fight off the pirates harassing her town turns her into a walking Moment of Awesome par excellence.

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