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TV series:

First Blood:

  • Jackson playing "Sex Machine" by James Brown on the boombox to prevent the black rhino from being killed by the poacher is both super cool and definitely awesome to those against animal cruelty. Not sure the poacher would say the same though.

The Silence of the Cicadas:

  • The premise of the series overall. Animals bonding together aginst the people who are treating them horribly for no good reason.
  • The scene where the wolves work together to pounce on the unsuspecting prison staff and guards is definitely an awesome moment for them.
  • Mitch's rant on the senator also doubles as this.
Mitch: I did my grad-school thesis on the inverse proportionality of taxidermy wall mounts to their owners’ penis size. . . . My condolences to your wife.

The Cheese Stands Alone:

  • Hordes of man-eating rats who are Explosive Breeders and outnumber the team by a factor of thousands to one? Forget collecting live specimens, Chloe's breaking out the freakin' flamethrower.


  • Abe having a hero moment when he and the firemen use a firehose to distract the hostile crows. Doubles as a Shout-Out to The Birds.