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Awesome / Zero 2: A Revision

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  • The Emperor's demonstration towards the Digidestined (And to the readers) on the creation of a brand new version of Chimeramon, the one that is completely made up of the Digidestined's entire Digimon, thus regaining his powers that he should have gotten based on the manuals (While he is still stated to be an Ultimate, his powers are capable of going toe-to-toe with a Mega, just like the games).
  • Dragomon shows Darkheart why he is the Lord of the Dark Ocean when he uses his Forbidden Trident to quickly defeat Darkheart despite having the power of Omnimon and Shadow Mallet within him.
    • Dragomon in fact, is also the one who defeats and kills Lucemon, one of the four Dark Lords despite using his Chaos Mode which is said to be as strong as a god.
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  • Demon finally decides to stop playing around, decides to summon his Archfiend Castle into the Real World, and unleashes a fiery typhoon that encircles the entire Odaiba to fully establish his own territory that overshadows the likes of Umbradevimon
  • The Climax Boss battle between Kari and Darkheart has one of the best and epic fight in the entire Zero 2 medium with well choreographed fights and a Blow You Away music during the climax.
    • While not as epic as the previous one, Davis finally defeating his own evil half Darkheart within his mind with the help of his own friends, destroying the corrupted Child of Miracles once and for all.
  • The final battle between BelialMyotismon and the DigiKnight in chapter 60 is certainly another contender for another awesome battle that treats Myotismon with great respect.
  • Remember when in canon, when Ken almost managed to place a Dark Spiral on Patamon? This time, he succeeds, and the Digidestined have to face down a corrupted Magnaangemon!

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