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YuYuGiDigiMoon has some pretty awesome moments. They are as follows:

(Notice: This section has been declared a spoiler zone. All spoilers will be fully visible. You have been warned.)

Season 1: The Wrath of Pharaohmon/Redux

  • The Sailor Senshi fighting BelialMyotismon with all their forms similar to the penultimate episode of Digimon Zero 02. What's more is that Imperialdramon and the Dra-Warriors help the Senshi out.
  • Gallantmon's ascension into Shining Mode after biomerging with the Digital Priestess, which led to Pharaohmon's defeat.

Season 2: The Invasion of the Rajita

  • Regarded as one of the series' best fights, Sailor Mars and Hiei's throwdown that nearly wrecked sections of Tokyo. It was an epic fight with explosions, fire, and fisticuffs! In a major upset and a deconstruction of a typical Shonen trope, Sailor Mars the magical girl warrior defeats the anti-hero badass Hiei!
    • This fight would ultimately plant more seeds into the (then) developing Rei/Hiei Crossover Ship.
  • Serenity saving her brother Joey by unleashing her Red-Eyes Black Dragon Ka to purify the darkness within him.
  • Sailor Mars inner struggle with Yami Houou and kicking her ass before she regained control over her body. Unfortunately, this lead to Rei's untimely death at the hands of Suzakato. But, she is later revived by the Houou. So, still qualifies as a moment of awesome.

Search of the Kuiper Belt Senshi

  • The final battle between the Kuipers and the Neo Animamates.

Movie: The Taiyoukai's Awakening.

  • The fights against the Taiyoukai, especially Yusuke vs Kiryu.
  • The Duelists helping the heroes by transforming to duel monsters themselves.
  • Maya saving Kurama's soul from the Taiyoukai.

Season 3: Dawn of Chaos

  • Vega Hunter, Legendary Warrior of Wood, proclaims his love for Ami Mizuno, which in turn led to him overcoming ValHornmon's control and casting the evil Digimon out with strong will alone. How awesome is that?
  • When Dimitri from Digimon Fusion arrives to show the Sedna and Neo Moon's group hope is not lost. What can I say? Heroes always arrive late.
  • The Tamers receiving their Beast Biomergers.
  • Kotori Ayami/Brunhilde is revived and kick Necromon/Lichdramon's ass.
  • Chapter 55 has a bunch.
    • The new opening that tributes Dissidia Final Fantasy for the war against Cosmos and Chaos.
    • It was nice seeing Arago kicking King Enma's ass.
    • Usagi and Sedna's speeches for the heroes' resolve in the final battle. Dimitri comment of how he like Karin rallying the troops.
    • The Chosen Digidestined's determination in preparing against Valmarmon's forces.
    • Seto Kaiba's speech to fight for the future before, along with Chazz and Jack, facing Professor Frank in a duel.
  • Chapter 56 shows the duelists unleashing their duel monsters against the Earthbound Immortals and their armies. Kaiba, Chazz, and Jack's duel with Professor Frank reminds some of Bonds Beyond Time.
  • Chapter 57 is the REAL start of the penultimate battles.
    • The Tamers and the allies have great efforts to rescue the captives of HYPNOS by fighting off Paradais' defenses.
    • The fights against the Digimon Nightmare Soldiers and the Neo-Rajita.
    • Imperialdramon becomes Paladin Mode.
    • The Senshi saving many parts of the country from the Neo-Rajita is awesome to believe, cue the theme song of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
  • Chapter 58 raises the stakes for round 2, especially with the big bads.
    • Rinku and Sasuga teaming up to defeat Kuro Momotaro.
    • Touya vs Seiryuu, both warriors of ice is a matter to believe.
    • The rest of the Spirit Detectives and their allies killing the Demon Prisoners. Byakko now joins the good guys is both awesome and heartwarming with newfound respect.
    • Suzaku multiplies himself to 49 that he along with Rando take down Yusuke with a flurry of attacks. Yusuke strikes back by going Mazoku and fires his Demon Gun at them. Then Long arrives and assimilates Suzaku, Rando, and Murugu to become OmegaLong.
    • The return of the Taiyoukai Eight. Arago is going all out.
    • Ryo uses Ouryu's spirit to become Ouryo.
    • The Beast Bio-Mergers and Marcus & ShineGreymon vs The Demon Beast Generals and ChaosGallantmon Destructor Mode.
    • Gamera wiping out the Imperial Guards without a sweat. But, good news for you all, they're not here. The bad news...
    • Then Gamera faces Sailor Galaxia and the Starlights.
  • Chapter 59, things are escalating here with round 3.
    • Gamera finally has the Romulus Source and uses it to curbstomp the Sailor Senshi. Fortunately for the heroes, it did not last because..
    • ...Sailor Cosmos finally shows up and gives the Senshi the Golden power-ups to turn the tide.
    • Spirit Detectives vs OmegaLong and Arago. Yui finally unlocks the Tenyou and becomes Shaka.
    • The Digidestined, Yugi & The Egyptian God Cards, Jaden, and Yusei vs Zombie!Armageddemon.
    • The Duelists and the Kuipers vs the Divine Serpent and the Orichalcos Shunoros.
  • Chapter 60 is where the Big Bads will be defeated, leading to the long awaited seventh and final day.
    • To sum it up of what's going to happen: Valmarmon vs earth's mightiest heroes (You name em: the Sailor Senshi, the Digidestined, Spirit Detectives, and Duelists).

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