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  • Tanya is a walking CMOA. Not only can she annihilate entire divisions all by herself, she also knows how to make the best use of her cute appearance. She is mentioned to be one of the very few recipients of the Silver Wing Assault Badge (the highest honor of the Empire) and the only living recipient.
  • She recognized that an immediate winter attack would make sense by attacking the enemy from the rear - with someone taking out the cannons to allow ships to land behind the enemy and take over the enemy's railroad to supply advancing troops.
    • The kicker? Zettour and Lehrgen thought about this earlier but didn't discuss it with anyone else yet. Upon hearing Tanya talking about the same maneuver, Lehrgen was certain Zettour told Tanya about their plans despite their agreement to keep it top secret.
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  • The moment Empire unfolds their large scale final move to end the war with Francois Republic.
  • Tanya has her chat with Erich. Erich inquires why Tanya wants to stop the peace agreement as their enemies are leaving and it would be illogical of them to enact a counterattack. Tanya provides the most interesting dialogue in the series. While it is illogical to strike back but in a world where magic was real and a dark god who won't stop trying to stomp on you, logic is unable to match against revenge.
  • Blasphemous as it is, but Tanya's Rage Against the Heavens moment at the end of Episode 12 is one.
    Tanya: "If there is a God who rules this world, it is a stern, solemn, and infinitely good being. A being that is far too great… God keeps forcing us to confront these cruel fates. As if those were the rules of this world. Oh, God… I’ll slice you into tiny pieces and feed you to the pigs! Our battlefield is no place for that piece of shit God! I think it’s time we took over God’s work. We soldiers will take God’s place. Put that arrogant ass, God, out of a job! All right, troops… It is time for war!"

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