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  • Izuku's Scheherezade Gambit against Shigaraki Tomura, keeping his cool and keeping them distracted long enough for help to arrive. The fact he's able to do so even in the face of Aizawa's Near-Death Experience creating a pseudo-phantom is incredibly impressive.
    • The way he starts it off — comforting the distraught Aizawa and then, when the villain scoffs, looking them dead in the eyes and saying "I wasn't talking to you. But since you're asking... would you like to talk?"
  • Face-to-face with Hero Killer Stain, listening to him ramble on about how he's going to murder everyone he deems unworthy of calling themselves heroes, Izuku shuts him down bluntly, followed by ripping apart his whole philosophy for how stupid and short-sighted it is.
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  • While Izuku doesn't think much of it, the way he weaponizes Disappointed in You, exploiting the very fact that nobody would ever expect him to do anything that might disappoint All Might. Followed by him utterly shutting them down before they can go into full lecture mode, with his words knocking them completely off their guard and getting them to realize that something is wrong:
    Izuku: "You're disappointed in me. Good. Means it worked, didn't it?"
  • Following the practical exam, when Bakugou starts harassing Midoriya again, Aizawa steps in and shuts him down in a way none of their teachers had ever done before.
    • Aizawa then privately apologizes to Izuku, owning up to how he misjudged the situation between them and patiently, calmly dealing with the emotional fallout he helped to cause.
    • And when Bakugou comes in demanding a do-over, he completely dismantles his usual bravado, starting with this little exchange:
    Aizawa: Is this how it usually goes?
    Bakugou: What?
    Aizawa: You make demands, shout them loud enough, throw a tantrum until you get what you want? Is that how you deal with teachers? Is that how you expect to deal with me?
  • Ragdoll managing to keep her cool under pressure and intense pain to comfort Izuku when her Quirk's being ripped away. Not only that, she's able to quietly reveal to him All For One's physical weaknesses in the process!
  • Aizawa handling a particularly despicable member of the press who keeps trying to trip him up with 'gotcha' questions, leading up to a great speech calling out the Black and White Insanity of acting like people are incapable of growing or changing for the better.
    • And when they bring up how Izuku permanently blinded Muscular and how it was "too far", Aizawa tells them that Muscular is still alive, was never in danger of dying, and that he had been planning on beating a 9-year-old child to death for fun, before asking if they think Izuku went too far to protect an innocent kid. Nobody has anything else to say or ask after that.
  • After letting All For One believe that the Manipulative Bastard swayed him to their side, Izuku signs his weaknesses to Toshinori while standing next to him because he's blind, then draws the villain's full attention by revealing just how hard he played them. Like the cheap kazoo they are.
    Izuku: I know I was feeding you bullshit, but I didn’t think you'd actually swallow it. ... You do scare me, All For One. But the thing is, I'm always afraid. Every minute of every day. And when you're afraid for that long, you forget what it's like to feel anything else. And now, when something frightening comes along, I can't tell the difference anymore between the new fear and the old. Of course you scare me. You think that makes you special?
  • Upon realizing that Aizawa is seriously considering expelling the classmates who formed a rescue team, Izuku makes not a threat, but a promise: if he expels any of them, then Izuku will follow them right out the door.
    Izuku: Because if you did, then it would mean that my goals and the school's just... don't line up. It would tell me that you care more about following rules than protecting people, and Sensei, I've had teachers who felt that way all my life. I don't need one more.
    • For bonus points? He makes this promise through sign language, with Yamada translating for him.
  • Izuku calls Katsuki out on his It's All About Me attitude and finally getting him to start grasping the depth of the scars he's carved into his long-time victim.
    • One For All has finally made Izuku's I See Dead People quirk strong enough that ghosts can fully interact with the world and be seen by others. Rei shows this off by finally being able to protect Izuku from Bakugou's abuse by tackling him to the ground and pinning him there while he can only stare at her in shock.
  • Izuku calls Sir Nighteye out for a being a total dick to him ever since he arrived to intern, simply because he didn't think Izuku was a proper candidate for One For All. He also completely shreds Nighteye's very mistaken belief that Izuku's Quirk has made him indifferent to death, by pointing out that ghosts don't become ghosts by dying peacefully in their sleep - they suffer, alone and in pain, and Izuku has had to deal with that since he was three.
  • While under the influence of Nemoto's Quirk, Izuku tells Overhaul of how he saw All For One's victims tear the man apart, and he's going to watch Overhaul's do the same to him.

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