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Awesome / Xionic Madness

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  • Askad sacrificing himself to destroy a group of infected beings in episode 1.
  • At the end of episode 1, Omega decides to take on XV, an extra-terrestrial Power Copying Humanoid Abomination, by himself. The fight lasts through episodes 1.5 and 2 and ends in a decisive win for Omega.
  • Hank's cameo in episode 3 sees him high-fiving Omega and body-slamming an Elite Mook before heading off. Despite coming out of nowhere, it's still awesome to see.
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  • At the start of episode 4 part 2, Omega manages to stop a building Kary-08 threw at him and Xero by punching it and destroying it. Granted, he did it with the aid of powered gloves, though doesn't stop it from being any less cool.
  • The first thing we see Omicron Squad do other than stand around and talk is save Omega and Xero from a horde of zombies. They later have no trouble fighting alongside the cyborg duo, despite being just normal humans.
  • Askad's return as a robot in episode 4 part 3 sees him going one-on-one with Kary-08, who at this point has become close to a Physical God and and sacrificing himself again to disable Kary's necrotic shield, granting Omega and Xero a chance to take her down.