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  • Since Nate is practically a walking Moment of Awesome, there's a lot of these, but...
    • Killing AOA!Sinister, whose mainstream counterpart has proved very resistant to death over the years.
    • Taking on and crushing first Holocaust, then AOA!Apocalypse himself.
    • Resurrecting Madelyne Pryor. Unconsciously. Though, looking back, this might not have been such a good thing...
    • Mowing through the Marauders with very little effort.
    • Taking on and defeating Charles Xavier in a psychic duel, forcing Charles to run for his life - and this was just prior to Onslaught, too.
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    • Resurrecting himself by sheer force of will.
    • Thrashing the Abomination.
    • Getting the Shaman upgrade and flattening Queen Jean.
    • Treating the Multiverse as his personal stepladder.
    • Defeating Qabiri - the guy's a planetary scale threat, at the very least, and Nate shrugs off everything that Qabiri throws at him.
    • The entirety of his fight with the Harvester, leading up to his Heroic Sacrifice.
    • His triumphant return in Dark X-Men, in which he takes both the Dark X-Men and Dark Avengers, with only Ares posing a challenge (and considering the Batman Gambit he was putting into motion, he might have been throwing the fight), possessing Norman Osborn and, if it hadn't been for a misjudgement of the Green Goblin persona's capacity for rational thought, nearly ending Dark Reign singlehandedly.
  • Following his return in Uncanny X-Men, he's arguably stronger than ever, as summed up by Apocalypse.
    Apocalypse: Child, he has Magneto on a leash like a dog, has turned off your powers with a word, and has Apocalypse in chains. And still you doubt his power?
    • Later, he takes out an entire team of X-Men, including Jean Grey, Storm, Psylocke, and Iceman, putting them at his mercy in a single blast, then subduing them completely in a brief Offscreen Moment of Awesome, without even breaking a sweat.
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    • A couple of issues later, after it seems like he and the young X-Men were trapped in the Age of Apocalypse by Legion, and Nate was apparently stripped of his powers, he figures out that they're actually trapped in Legion's mind, and when Legion confronts him, making a Badass Boast and seeming about to take him down... Nate destroys him in about five seconds, taking his body as his own.
    • Creates the entirety of the Age of X-Man - not another alternate reality, but an entire new plane of existence - and all of its people, save for the transplanted X-Men, and demonstrates his ability to alter it at will. Though as is also demonstrated, this has its limits, with elements of the true pasts of various transplanted X-Men seeping through.


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