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  • The intro for the first X-COM. We start out with a UFO beaming a pack of Mutons down to a city, who proceed to lay waste to the local populace. Then the scene cuts to X-COM HQ, who answer the call to arms. Once their futuristic gunship touches down, we are treated to a bunch of soldiers wasting the tough-as-nails Mutons with rifles and auto-cannons, which normally wouldn't leave a dent in them. When the other aliens see the X-COM troopers beating the crap out of their buddies, they beam back up to the UFO and dust off.
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  • Even more fun, several game bugs include the ability to mind control one of your own Chryssalid infected soldiers, because of the bug the Chryssalid that spawns upon a mind controlled Zombie's death will return to your side after the turn for the rest of the battle, along with its massive amount of time units, and if the zombie was from another X-COM soldier then it is able to return to base completely normal at the end of the mission.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking is in full effect. If a soldier survives to the highest rank, they will be the best that you have to offer. If a soldier survives to Major, it's either a long, long string of dumb luck or ludicrously good stats or insanely good strategy on the Player's part. A Tear Jerker and a Heroic BSoD most commonly occur ingame and meta whenever a Colonel is killed, due to the massive amounts of panic it causes on your fellow soldiers, and the fact that you just lost your best soldier.

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