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Awesome / XCOM: Second Contact

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  • Shepard absolutely annihilating a squad of Geth on Therum
  • Liara fighting off the Thorian’s psychic attack.
  • Jack Harper's epic speech at his trial, right before his execution, which is so powerful and full of insane conviction toward his cause that it silences the entire courtroom for several minutes.
  • The Rachni Queen smashing through Benezia's barrier and biting her in half.
    • The Queen proceeds to catch and redirect an alpha strike from the entire party straight up and ask to talk.
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  • Shepard kills a Heretic Geth Frigate with psionics on Virmire.
    Shepard: Legion, h-how many geth in a s-ship?"
    Legion: Maximum capacity for a geth dropship is 4,194,304 programs.
    Shepard: Heh. Hey Garrus?
    Garrus: Yea?
    Shepard: I win.
  • Summing up what X-COM is all about during the talk with Sovereign.
    Shepard: “You want to kill us? Fine. Give it your best shot. But know this. We will fight you, we will learn from you, and in the end, we will kill you.”
  • The Virmire mission ends with Nihlus pulling a Taking You with Me on Saren.

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