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  • The Conquest Fleet is spotted right outside our solar system, their refusal for contact confirms that they are not here for peace. The good news? They aren't going to land until 2011, meaning we have a year and ten months until they land. Not a problem. As soon as they are confirmed to be a threat, we start pulling troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan to prepare them to protect their homelands, factories around the world are pumping out tanks, fighter jets, combat vehicles, and guns as fast as they can. The best part? Many nations either start devolving nuclear tipped anti satellite missiles and/or restart canceled military projects such as the goddamn Boeing YAL-1.
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  • November 15th 2011. The Race begin their invasion of Earth and land across the globe. Snippets of battle are glimpse from battlefields across the world and it is awesome.
  • More amazing is how many former sworn enemies such as the Israelis and their Arab neighbors and criminal organization such as Middle Eastern insurgencies and Mexican drug cartels team with military forces to fight The Race.
  • In Chapter 3: Interlude to War, Flightleader Dreek and his wingmates talk about how primitive Human aircraft is while shooting/blowing up civilian or military targets. Cue Ukrainian stealth fighters arriving, blowing them up, and making them eat their words. Even better? Dreek saw the whole thing happen in less then a minute.
  • A slightly small one but Pope Benedict XVI refuses to leave the Vatican despite constant bombardment by The Race to keep Human (not just Catholic, but Human) morale alive.
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  • The People's Liberation Army Air Force gets one when they kill Infantry Commander Rstalas with an airstrike from a JH-7 bomber, and sends Race forces in the region into disarray as they desperately try to find someone to fill his position.
  • Brazil and it's allies take to the skies to fight Race killercraft in the first major aerial battle in Latin America. Brazil and allies come out on top and win taking 150 killercraft down.
  • Italy keeps the Race from gaining air dominance, not with modern day fighters, but with old Cold War era jets and anti-air defenses.
    • The best part? Italy's last Cold War era combat fighters were the infamous F-104 (in the improved F-104S version that used to fall less). The newly improved killercrafts of an empire capable of traveling through different star systems got their ass kicked by aircrafts more known for constantly falling down than their combat prowess, that had been recently phased out because they were becoming too old to fly and had been brought back just to bolster numbers in the wait for more Typhoons. That must have been humiliating for the Race.
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  • Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad call to arms to Muslims around the world.
    "It is the sacred duty of every Muslim to destroy the reptilian invaders from hell."
  • Race forces are closing in on Kuwait City. The Kuwaiti military is prepared to hold the line outside the city along with Saudi reinforcements that were currently on the way. With heavy fighting on the infamous Highway 80, the joint team pushes invaders back all the way out of the city. Way to go Kuwait, especially after what happen the last time something similar to this happened.
  • Operation Zeus. A joint American/Canadian operation that destroys the 56th Emperor Jossano and cripples The Race campaign in the United States. Yup, that's the same 56th Emperor Jossano that carries half of The Race's nukes.
  • Emboldened by the success of Operation Zeus and facing an increasingly desperate situation in Beijing, the People's Liberation Army authorizes the use of a tactical nuclear bomb on Race forces in Launping County. The bomb is dropped, instantly killing over 25,000 Race males and taking out over 200 Landcruisers. The attack was enough to stall Race operations in the Chinese theater and gives the battered PLA time to regroup.
  • November 31st 2011. The Race has launched several nuclear weapons on human cities around the world, including Washington D.C killing thousands. The Race expects the Humans to surrender immediately. President Obama appears live on national television to announce... that America will not surrender to the intergalactic invaders. His speech, known as "The Union will hold" speech, was so uplifting that it ends up going down in history alongside Franklin Roosevelt's "Day of Infamy" speech.
    Barack Obama: "America has never come under the yoke of a foreign king, and never will."
  • Race troops reach the Mexican town of Cuidad Juarez, they engage in heavy fighting not just from the military but from every drug cartel in the city, including the goddamn Juarez cartel.
  • Operation Piledriver. The Americans decide to stop Race advances in Texas by dropping three MOABs on them. It certainly stops them dead.
  • The YAL-1 is tested in actual combat after being upgraded and improved upon. During a live combat test, it destroys five killercraft from 200 miles away.
  • Operation Eve. Under the cover of a snow storm, American special forces disable or destroy many Race anti-armor and air emplacements, and then American and Canadian forces attack, pushing the Lizards back and leaving them on the run across the Midwest. And this happens on Christmas Eve.

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